Halloween Films For Non-Horror Fans 

Top Halloween films for scaredy-cats.
Wednesday 28 October 2020
Anne Hathaway stars in the new remake of Roald Dahl's children's classic The Witches: Photo: HBO Max 

Not everyone has the nerves to sit through a horror film, but these cult classics offer just the right level of spook to unsettle and entertain you this Halloween.


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 

Released a hundred years ago in1920, this film marked the German Expressionist movement in the post-WWI era and is widely recognised to be the first real film of the horror genre and an influence to some of the most important films in the early days of cinema. The silent film follows the mysterious Dr. Caligari and his deeply hypnotised assistant, Cesare who is believed to be the culprit behind a series of gruesome events in a rural village. 


Shaun of the Dead 

If you’ve ever wondered how to survive a zombie apocalypse, this satire horror/comedy film might give you some ideas on how to make it out alive. But if all else fails, head down to Winchester and have a nice cold pint and just wait for it all to bowl over. 

Death Becomes Her 

Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn star as rivals who are in love with the same man in this over-the-top horror/comedy classic. The two then discover a magic potion promising eternal youth, only to discover its side-effects later on. 



No ghosts or ghouls in this one, but if you suffer from vertigo or claustrophobia, this makes for a very unsettling watch from the master of suspense himself. 


The Witches 

Children’s horror films are often just as dark and sinister for grown-ups and no one does a better job than scaring children and adults alike than Roald Dahl. The Witches, based on the 1983 book is getting a remake starring Anne Hathaway as the diabolical Grand High Witch, taking the role from Anjelica Huston who first starred in the first film adaptation in 1990.