Henry Golding Almost Turned Down 'Crazy Rich Asians'

The Malaysian actor opens up about his new Hollywood career.
Wednesday 25 April 2018

With two Hollywood films already in post-production and a third he’s already signed up for, saying that Henry Golding’s acting career is taking off would be an understatement. In his UNRESERVED cover story, he tells us what has changed since his big move: signing up with Crazy Rich Asians, the Kevin Kwan novel-turned-movie that reaches cinemas this August.

On why he almost turned down the role of Nicholas Young in Crazy Rich Asians
“I didn’t feel I was good enough, I was still in my presenter head.”

On why he’s so nice
“I know how hard it has been for me to get here. I have had to work my way up, and met all sorts of people from different parts of society, and it’s important to remember that… going through such tough times has made me able to deal with a lot. I have also had a very good upbringing.”

On working with Paul Feig in his second movie, A Simple Favor
“Paul Feig is a director who likes to step out of the comfort zone and not necessarily do what people think films should be about.”

On Hollywood and marriage to Liv Lo
“For me, it was about being thrust into this world that I had only seen from the outside… but I needed to see it through her eyes. And understanding that the person she sees me being onscreen, is not the person she has been with for the last six or seven years. Seeing me falling in love with another woman onscreen, something as simple as holding another person’s hand, it’s a very strange feeling for her.”

On knowing how lucky he is
“This is the business of rejection… there are many people who can do what I do. What I am looking forward to is grabbing the opportunities that I have and giving it a hundred percent, as I know that there are many waiting in line if I don’t.”

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