Thursday 30 May 2019
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In this dog-eat-dog world, one needs to have an edge to stay afloat and alive. Exaggerations aside, some self-defence tips always come in handy and wouldn’t hurt anyone – at least until the situation demands it.

No distractions.

This is a very important tip considering how many of us have our faces in our phones most times. According to Muayfit self-defence expert Marcio Sebsam, a distracted individual is more vulnerable to attackers. So be alert at all times, whether it’s walking on a busy street or in a quiet car park.

Be wary of surroundings.

It’s the number one tip given by all self-defence coaches around the world. A report by The Insider states one should always pay attention to their surroundings as much as possible to avoid any nasty surprises.

Trust your instincts.

Sebsam says in such a situation, there is no bigger hero than yourself. “Should you feel that a particular scenario is unsafe or is about to turn ugly, then step back and leave as soon as possible,” he advises.

Be loud.

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Help is always given to those who ask for it, and although this is not Hogwarts, shouting for help is one of the best ways to get away from an attack. Sebsam says most attackers, for fear of being identified or injured, give up as soon as they know they will need to deal with more than one person.

Men – beware.

It’s as simple as not going for the common target. Sebsam says most attackers know that women are loud and the possibility of others getting involved is higher. “As for men, most times they are taken by surprise and the attack is over even before the victim realises it.” So guys, just because it seems like attackers don’t target men, doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from it.

Assess the situation.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter Rachel Piazza says sometimes victims are really unable to get away from the situation. “In such cases instead of wasting energy in trying to run, think about how you can temporarily bring down the attacker, long enough to run away or get help,” she says.

Use everyday items.

She adds that things like car keys or a pen can be useful when attacked. “Of course, pepper spray is handy, but should you not have one with you, don’t lose hope, think fast and use anything you have with you, even perfume works,” says Piazza.

Learn some self-defence tactics.

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Oftentimes, we may say this is unnecessary but having an edge over the attacker really is important. Sebsam adds that in any case, a person should at least know the basics of attacking the neck, eyes or groin when faced with a situation where your safety could be compromised.

Protect your personal space.

In order for someone to hurt you, they will need to get close to you. Piazza told The Insider that any person engaged in an uncomfortable situation with a person should not allow themselves to be isolated. “As long as the person is not armed (with guns), they can’t hurt you if they can’t reach you.”

Don’t show fear.

Use powerful body language to communicate non-verbally that you are strong and confident and have no time for nonsense. Have your head up, shoulders pulled back and make eye contact with people when you walk past.

This article is an excerpt from UNRESERVED’s May 2019 issue from the article SURVIVING A PHYSICAL ATTACK.

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