How to Live A More Meaningful Life

AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL is helping to make the world a better place.
Sticking together with your community. Photo: Unsplash

*The article was published in June 2020

The current COVID-19 situation has caused plenty of changes to our usual lifestyle. As we head into the new normal, we’re tasked with uncovering new methods to keep our mind and body healthy. 

So rather than venting our frustrations on social media due to financial, emotional and mental challenges faced during this new normal, AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL’s latest campaign urges Malaysians to train our souls to practise empathy, love and mercy.

Living a more meaningful life with AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL

AIA Public Takaful's #gymuntukjiwa challenges during COVID-19


Inspired by the importance of keeping our soul healthy, AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL has launched the #GymUntukJiwa campaign. While regular gyms remain closed for now, we can continue to rely on home workouts and exercising outdoors to keep our bodies fit. However, the same can’t be said for keeping our souls nourished. 

Staying true to the spirit of Takaful, which is about solidarity and community, this initiative looks to help Malaysians practise the concept of baikkan diri. This is in line with the philosophy of lifting each other to form a better community, through the process of working on our souls, as we get through the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. 

Welcoming #GymUntukJiwa into our daily lives

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Memeriahkan budaya bertukar-tukar juadah seperti saudara @akhbarhasha . Kredit: @akhbarhasha . Hi korang! Akhbar nak ajak semua followers Akhbar yang boring duduk rumah untuk jadi seorang yang pemurah & penyayang 🥰 Jom join #GymUntukJiwa saling bantu membantu each other macam Akhbar sekarang ni sharing food with neighbour. 🤩 Senang je kalau nak join: 1. Pilih mana-mana cabaran untuk jadi insan lebih baik. 2. Lengkapkan aktiviti. 3. Kongsikan aktiviti atau reaksi di media sosial korang & hashtag #GymUntukJiwa #AIAPUBLICTakaful Senang je kan? Kalau rasa macam buntu apa nak buat? Cuba korang tolong sikit sikit dekat dapur ke? Atau bantu ahli keluarga korang beli barang dapur / berbuka nanti 😱 Dalam bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini, 100 jumlah hashtag #GymUntukJiwa, AIA PUBLIC Takaful @aiapublictakaful akan gandakan jumlah keluarga asnaf yang menerima bantuan melalui program Semarakkan Raya. Mari berbuat baik!

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The start to a more meaningful life begins with baby steps that can be easily integrated into our daily lifestyle. This can be done through AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL’s initiative, that’s split into two main components – Pemurah and Penyayang. 

The former refers to the idea of giving and sharing based on the concept of Infaq, which translates to sharing your legacy with the community. This includes simple activities like supporting small local businesses, donating for a good cause, sharing iftar meals as well as offering your expertise on a particular subject to those in need of mentoring. 

Meanwhile, the Penyayang concept points to activities of fostering harmony and love. This is based on the theme of Hibah, which refers to a gift to ensure your loved ones have a better future. This includes activities like spending quality time with your family, checking in on your neighbours, helping out with household chores as well as taking care of pets.

In a nutshell, these initiatives are ultimately aimed for anyone to do good, including any random act of kindness that are not limited to the above list. To be a part of this good cause that nourishes your soul, simply lend a helping hand to your community. Next, share your experience on social media with the #GymUntukJiwa and #AIAPUBLICTAKAFUL hashtags.

During Ramadan, with AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL encouraging everyone to do good, they’ve amplified the positivity by increasing the amount of families that were helped during the charity drive, thanks to the #GymUntukJiwa hashtags received on social media. For more information on the campaign, visit AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL’s website and follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for new challenges to be released this Raya and in the near future!