Lap Up the Attention With HP

Debbie Goh is always on the go – could a mere computer make a difference in her day-to-day? With HP Spectre x360, it sure can.
Monday 12 November 2018

The lifestyle of a celebrity, though perceivably glamourous, can be extremely challenging. With meetings and filmings back to back, a woman like Debbie Goh just needs a trusty partner to help her get through the day. For her, the first thing she reaches for in the morning is not a pet or a pillow but the new HP Spectre x360, the personal assistant which supersedes that morning coffee on a jam-packed day. Having to spend the day meeting people and expectations, getting ready is important to start the day right.


Investing in a device means finding something that keeps up. With the HP Spectre x360 multi-tasking will never be a problem. No more hanging tabs and notifications of “Windows not responding”. Because now, this machine is equipped with an 8th Gen Intel® Core iQuad Core processor, which gives you nothing short of cutting edge performance regardless of how many things you do at once.


The one problem that can put off even the most efficient person however – running out of battery. What’s worse? Waiting for it to recharge so you can get some work done. The HP Spectre x360 is equipped with the Fast Charge feature which requires no more than 90 minutes to power your machine for another 16 hours.


Of course when it comes to electronics, it cannot be all work and no play. For this, the HP Spectre x360 is innovatively engineered to rotate 360º so that you can use your device in four modes. Work in laptop mode, watch in stand mode, play in tent mode, and go in tablet mode.


Besides a bezel-less screen, the HP Quad Speakers and HP AudioBoost takes the movie-viewing experience to a different level. This is further enhanced with its end to end illuminated keyboard that grants the convenience of using the device while cuddled up in bed with just a bedside lamp.

For someone like Debbie Goh, this laptop is what she calls a“lifesaver”. One that gives her the flexibility to be on her feet and deliver her work efficiently all the time. Now if this celebrity can take on her day like a boss, you surely can too because the HP Spectrex360 will have your back to get through your day with extreme power and exceptional style. The HP Spectre x360 will be available for sale from the end of November 2018.

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