Ibiza’s Coveted Circoloco is Coming to Town

The world-renowned party brand finally lands in Kuala Lumpur.
Wednesday 27 November 2019

Circoloco, one of the most coveted party brands in the world has come a long way since it first started in 1999. From humble beginnings in Ibiza, it has now branched out internationally in epic proportions. It started as a Monday session at the world-renowned DC10 on the White Isle and remains to be the club’s highlight for party punters. In 2015, Circoloco made its Asian debut in Tokyo and it descended to Southeast Asian shores at Baba Beach Club in Phuket in January 2019.

Their DJ line-ups often overflow with the best names in the electronic dance music scene week in and week out. Some of their regulars include dance music royalties like Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Jackmaster, Clive Henry, Tania Vulcano, Ben Klock, Joseph Capriati and Amelie Lens. Their mission is simple, which is to get people to come together and share their love for music on the dance floor.

Antonio (1) - circoloco
DC10 and Circoloco co-founder, Antonio Carbonaro.

Now, Malaysians too will get a taste of what Circoloco has brought to the party circuit in Ibiza in the last 20 years as it makes its first appearance in Kuala Lumpur on 30 November. Local party punters will get to warm up their dancing shoes at the city’s oldest and most recently revamped venues, RexKL located right smack in the bustling area of Chinatown. Keeping up with their usual standards, the lineup for the KL shindig is set the feature the best in the industry including Circoloco regulars Peggy Gou, Dixon and Waff.

In anticipation of Circoloco’s Malaysian debut, we had a brief chat with one of DC10 and the party brand’s co-founder, Antonio Carbonaro on his expectations of their Malaysian debut and maintaining a successful global brand for over two decades.

What took you so long to come to Southeast Asia?

As you know Circoloco is the most long-lived brand in the electronic music scene. We constantly receive overwhelming requests to have our parties at various locations around the world. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to satisfy everyone but deep inside we would like to do it all if we could, but one step at a time. It did take a while to reach Asia but I think it happened at the right moment.

What did you discover about the Asian crowd at your Southeast Asian debut in Phuket?

It was an interesting experience as our Asian debut brought together fans across the region representing different countries. What they all have in common is the shared desire to have fun, cultured in the scene and kindness all around.

At what point of Circoloco did you think the brand would branch out internationally?

The awareness came slowly. I’m committed to my work every day to grow my vision. In the midst of it all, I realised that Circoloco had the potential to take over the world.

Circoloco 1 (1) - circoloco
Fashion icon and DJ, Peggy Gou will be performing in Kuala Lumpur.

Do you adapt to the cities Circoloco goes to or is it the other way round, getting the local crowd to adapt to your culture?

People are amazed by the quality and the hard work that goes behind Circoloco and that’s always a winning point. At the same time, I love discovering the cities we go to and get acquainted with the crowd, respect the atmosphere and vibe where it takes place.

20 years of running a successful brand is a big feat, how do you maintain the level of quality over the years?

Well, it’s a complex formula. It took 20 years of my commitment. I can say my ‘Famiglia’, which means family in Italian is bonded, respectful, loyal and connected. This refers to my team and it’s an integral part of the formula.

People always say, “it’s not like it used to be?” Do you find yourself saying this?

Yes, it’s true. The brand is a better version of what it was before.

You feature many talented artists at your parties. How do you choose them?

I fully check out an artist and when I examine them, the most important thing in my ears is what they produce.

Do you have any expectations with your Kuala Lumpur debut?

I feel it will be successful.

What’s your personal party mantra?

Circoloco’s itself: Come together to share a deep love of music on the dance floor.

How far do you think the brand can go from now?

As far as I can to continue creating history.


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