Idris Elba is UNRESERVED’s May Cover Star

The British actor tells us what he thinks of fame.
Tuesday 15 May 2018
Photo: Kim Mun/Hopscotch

Idris Elba walks into a room and people start cheering (or screaming). This is not a bar joke.

The British actor, over six feet tall, would hardly be missed wherever he goes. If the reaction he got at the UNRESERVED launch party was any indication, where Idris walks, cheers from fawning fans follow.

Yet he distances himself from the idiosyncrasies of fame.

“Fame… I have a healthy distance from some of it, because I don’t enjoy it,” he says in his UNRESERVED cover interview. “And obviously there are benefits to it that I do enjoy. I don’t think it’s changed me, but it’s changed people around me…”

Among these benefits are Idris’s production company and recording label. These allow him to wear many hats – did you know he’s also a DJ? – other than the one he’s best known for and which has won him various prestigious awards.

“I love acting though, acting is where I live, where I therapize – that’s an actual word apparently, therapize!” he adds.

Idris talks to UNRESERVED editor-in-chief Kassandra Kassim in the exclusive cover story, which you can read in the May issue, out now at major bookstores and newsstands in Malaysia. Stay tuned to for more.

unreserved-idris-elba - idris elba
The May 2018 issue of UNRESERVED, starring Idris Elba.

Photography: Kim Mun/Hopscotch
Styling: Ian Loh
Art direction: Eddie Khor
Hair: Truefitt & Hill
Makeup: Marcus Chuah using NARS Cosmetics
Shot at The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

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