Monday 22 June 2020
Are you more of a vanilla, petai or pei pak koa flavour kind of person? Photo: Pexels

Some of the more common ice cream flavours are such as chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel and milo. And then you have the more intriguing ones like teh tarik, nasi lemak and burnt brown butter brownie salted caramel swirl.

But how about the very interesting flavours? Like say petai and peh pa koa?

Can you smell what Frozen is cooking? 😎Your good ol’ local favourite, PETAI! 👍💯Get your noses and taste buds ready for…

Posted by FROZEN Ice-Cream on Thursday, 11 June 2020


Petai Flavour by Frozen Artisan’s Ice Cream 

Stink beans – or also known as Petai – is an acquired taste that’s favoured by many. The ingredient is commonly used in sambal petai, sambal tumis udang, and dishes that go beautifully with some fluffy rice. Safe to say it’s not exactly something we might find in a dessert or sweet treat menu.

Until lately.

Frozen Artisan’s Ice Cream is a shop that creates freshly made Australian- style inspired desserts. They specialise in ice-cream themed treats with a combination of local flavours. Their new Petai flavour is a fine example of that. A combination of chopped petai with their best-selling Vanilla ice-cream, the cool treat is described as a mixture of aromatic petai, and rich vanilla flavour.

It is available via dine in or takeaways at their Bangsar, Paradigm or SS2 outlets.


Eat ice cream can settle your sore throat you believe or not?We are launching a sipek cool ice cream flavour!【 Pei Pa…

Posted by Merry Me Ice Cream on Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Pei Pa Koa Ice Cream, and more, by Merry Me

No stranger in Asian households, Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is a Chinese herbal syrup that’s traditionally used for cough and sore throat.

Merry Me Ice Cream – an ice cream parlour in George Town, Penang – has taken this syrup-y remedy and turned it into an ice cream flavour. Think minty flavours with sweet and herbal nuances. As they said, now you can enjoy having ice cream while also soothing a sore throat.

That is not all, though. The ice cream shop has several other intriguing flavours, like kaya toast, tao sar piah and salted egg oreo. So if you belong to the group with a more adventurous palate, this is something to check out when you’re around the area.

OOOOOOHHHH~ YESS!!!!Salted Egg Oreo Ice Cream!! BESTNYA!!!See this post also canot tahan ady… macam sedap leh!!…

Posted by Merry Me Ice Cream on Thursday, 18 June 2020