Wednesday 6 February 2019
Ken Iskandar and Mien Dee Yong first met in school but never spoke to each other. Photo: Marcus Wong

Though they went to the same school, they never talked to each other. Their lives diverged from there, where she spent ten years in the United States and he travelled to various countries. Eventually, they bumped into each other at a friend’s wedding where they hit it off. “I remember he walked up the stairs of the Mandarin Oriental to the ballroom and I saw him from far and I thought, hey this guy is kind of good looking. Oh, wait, it’s Ken!” She complimented him, he asked her for a picture, they started talking. “She rejected me at first though,” Ken says. “He said, hey you want to dance? I said no, no one’s dancing, so then he said you want to come to meet my family? To which I said no again,” she recalls. But eventually, they went off and talked over more food until the wedding came to a close and he escorted her to her car which involved an impromptu stop at the park to finally get some dancing in.

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“One of the things that we agreed on early in our marriage was never to go to bed angry.” – Mien Dee Yong. ”Photo: Marcus Wong

Even though she flew off to India the day after, that moment of fun laid out the path for the rest of their relationship. Though she remembers that the most romantic thing he’s done for her was propose to her in Phuket, he says that the most romantic thing she’s ever done for him was to go through all the hoops she had to in order to marry him. “I was scared he was going to leave me though, just ‘disengage’ me.” Now they have their own jobs; he’s a businessman and she runs Kidxy, an online platform that helps connect parents to great activities for their kids.

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When asked what the best thing is about her, Ken looks at her and said, “I like that she’s responsible. She keeps everything in check, she knows what she wants. She keeps me in check.” In turn, Mien Dee says, “Ken never gets angry at me. When I get angry, he’ll just listen and apologise, and then he’ll give me a hug. Even though he doesn’t give me a solution, it’s comforting. He’ll never lash out,” she says. The couple, though fresh in their marriage and parenthood, seem to have found their footing together. “One of the things that we agreed on early in our marriage was never to go to bed angry,” which Ken agrees with. “99% of the time we don’t go to bed angry.”

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