Thursday 9 April 2020
Laugh, Learn and Relate With These COVID-19 Parodies. Photo: Prince Abid / Unsplash

Being confined can bring out a lot in a person. Some might have resorted to the hermit life and become really good friends with Netflix, while others might have sudden bursts of inspiration to create something.

Like say, belting out parody songs about the novel coronavirus and the effects of staying home for extended periods of time:

Some good ol’ blues from this family in Malaysia

This adorable Kent clan is feeling Les Misérables

This Singaporean’s rendition of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn touches on increased grocery price

This parody from Canada looks at some of the common inconveniences

New Zealand’s The Monroes seems like they’re having fin despite their lockdown.

Couldn't help ourselves… Corona LOCKDOWN at the Thomson's!😂 Feel free to share!!

Posted by Nicola Thomson on Monday, 6 April 2020


Sure, they are silly, but appropriately shows the struggles of what people have to do now.

Have a chuckle and relate to the situations, but also be reminded of the risks of COVID-19 and why we are staying home. Stay safe everyone.