Live Like the King and Queen in the All-Time Favourite Game of Thrones

These homes straight out of 'Game of Thrones' will mesmerise and enchant you.
Monday 15 April 2019
There are no places better to live out your 'Game of Thrones' dreams. Photo: Airbnb

Season eight of everyone’s favourite medieval fantasy is finally here and more guests across the globe say they feel part of the show by staying in Homes on Airbnb.

Looking at guest reviews of Homes in off-the-beaten-path destinations iconic to the show from 2014 to 2018, Airbnb has seen a growing number of travellers note they feel they’re part of the action with Airbnb guest reviews mentioning the show up 550 percent in Morocco, 467 percent in Ireland, 406 percent in Croatia, 386 percent in Iceland and 218 percent in Spain.

No matter the king (or ahem, queen) you’re pulling for, here are five Homes on Airbnb perfect for living like your favourite contender for the throne long after the Game of Thrones season finale:

Croatia: Villa Mediterranean

Recognise King’s Landing? This villa is steps away from the old town, where a certain queen once took a not-so-casual stroll.

Airbnb_Villa Mediterranean_Image 02 - percentin
Photo: Airbnb

Spain: Palatial Apartment

This studio in Spain will make you feel like Dornish royalty. Just keep an eye out for sand snakes.

Airbnb_Palatial Apartment_Image 02 - percentin
Photo: Airbnb

Iceland: Sunny, Peaceful Chalet

Iceland stands in for the land beyond the wall. Take in the view at this chalet, three-eyed raven style.

Airbnb_Sunny, Peaceful Chalet_Image 01 - percentin
Photo: Airbnb

Morocco: Kasbah Tebi

Look out for the mother of dragons in Morocco, the setting for The Yellow City of Yunkai.

Airbnb_Kasbah Tebi_Image 01 - percentin
Photo: Airbnb

Ireland: Drummond Tower

Mull over your fan theories in this real-life Irish castle. Pro tip: be wary of wedding invites.

Airbnb_Drummond Tower_Image 02 - percentin
Photo: Airbnb

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