Acquired Taste: Louis Vuitton Fragrances For Men

The five new scents are the first-ever men's fragrances by Louis Vuitton, and they ooze sex appeal.
Thursday 31 May 2018

Have you ever been on a holiday or experienced something you wish you could immortalise not just on camera, but in how it felt or smelled? Louis Vuitton has done just that with its first ever collection of men’s fragrances.

Adventure and travel are essential to the Louis Vuitton brand DNA, so it was only natural that the five new men’s scents, created under the direction of master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, evoke the same wild spirit. Click on to find out which you’d be suited to.

“An infinite inner journey.”
The mood: Fresh, free
The notes: Grapefruit with an echo of sage and rosemary, spicy and lemony ginger, labdanum and an amber note of ambroxon.
Who’s the man: You are confident, and you love the ecstasy of being in nature, away from the bustling madness of city life.

Nouveau Monde
“An homage to explorers.”
The mood: Leathery, oriental, adventurous
The notes: Cocoa, oud assam and spicy saffron.
Who’s the man: You are an explorer at heart and an enigma. You’re in your element at night time (ahem).

“The almighty nature of the elements.”
The mood: Woody, majestic
The notes: Iris, patchouli, bergamot and Javanese vetiver.
The man: You are regal and commanding, but there is a sensuality that attracts those around you.

Sur la Route
“A life path, a lesson in self.”
The mood: Green, fresh
The notes: Calabrian citrus, cedar, lemon, bergamot, freshly cut grass, Peruvian balsam, pink peppercorn and nutmeg.
The man: You’re more guy-next-door than a peacock, but your understated style is what makes you stand out.

Au Hasard
“A taste for risk.”
The mood: Spicy, fruity, totemic
The notes: Sandalwood, ambrette flower seed, musk, cardamom
The man: You’re an absolute mystery. You probably don’t even care about sticking to just one perfume.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton retails for RM990 (100ml) or RM1,500 (200ml).

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