Maybank Indonesia: RISE With The Community

Empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential.
Saturday 16 January 2021
Pak Darwin working at his car workshop.

Maybank Indonesia believes in helping the communities in terms of improving their socio-economic well-being and encouraging them to be able to independently stand on their feet. It is with this purpose in mind that Maybank Indonesia and Maybank Foundation formed partnership with People System Consultancy to provide training program that is targeted to entrepreneurs with disability and those of marginalized communities by enhancing their business skills and ability. The training program is called Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (RISE), established in 2016 to conduct mentoring, strengthening mindsets and overall, improving the competence of micro-SME businesses. The program should impact the lives and people living in these communities positively.

The selected training participants who run small businesses will undergo a three-day training program followed by structured mentoring for three to six months. During the training, financial management basic, marketing strategies and building positive mindsets were delivered, and mentors will be assigned to each business owners for an in-depth and personal approach in implementation.

By 2017, 714 participants from seven cities – Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, and Bandung – participated the RISE program. One of the participant, Darwin Sidi Aldaud, who suffered from polio disease. Due to his circumstances, his parents forbid him from attending school. However, he managed to receive an education without financial help from his parents and purchased his own books and writing utensils from selling newspapers.

Maybank Indonesia Helping Community With Disability to Rise
Pak Darwin working at his car workshop.


He started his first job in a garment factory and as he saved enough money, he purchased a food cart to sell chicken noodle. It was then that Pak Darwin decided to join the RISE program offered by Maybank Indonesia. Following the program, he took the risk of selling his car to obtain capital to start up a car workshop.


Maybank Indonesia Helping Community With Disability to Rise
Pak Darwin with his supportive wife.


“Managing my business has become easier nowadays as I become more organised,” Pak Darwin says, ever since he participated at the RISE program. “I have become increasingly bolder in taking business risks. I feel happy doing it.”

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