​The Good Doctor Bringing Healthcare to Those Who Can't Afford It

Dr Mangku Sitepoe has dedicated his life to serving his community. Here is his story.
Tuesday 24 July 2018

Maybank salutes the everyday Unsung Heroes who deserve recognition all year round.

Maybank’s mission is to humanise financial services by celebrating the spirit of Hari Raya through their MY Stories Raya 2018 campaign, which is dedicated to those who embody true humanity across ASEAN.

These individuals have been inspirations throughout their lives by wholly dedicating themselves to the less fortunate. They serve as a reminder that kindness still exists and that helping will never go out of fashion.

Dr Mangku Sitepoe is a veterinarian and general practitioner. Born in 1935 and raised in Lau Tepoe Village in North Sumatra, his interest in medicine stemmed from his early exposure to various diseases and a lack of modern medicine to treat them.

Mangku performed self-circumcision at a young age, which sparked his interest in medicine. Talk about being tough.

Mangku initially trained as a veterinarian, but when villagers kept approaching him for medical advice, he was moved by their plight and decided to make a difference by taking up medicine.

In 1996, Dr Mangku and six other doctors set up a charity clinic named Bhakti Sosial Kesehatan which provides free healthcare to Jakarta’s poor. Today, the clinic has 57 doctors.

At the age of 83, most would be enjoying their retirement, but not Dr Mangku.

In his free time, he writes medical books and is also actively involved in various public health issues. At his advanced age, Dr Mangku is not overly concerned about exposing himself to the hazards of the job by being at the forefront of scientific research. Instead, he sees every day as an opportunity to serve the poor and the sick. His selflessness has endeared him to the community, and in the hearts of the people, he is their hero.