"The Most Important Thing is to Give When You Have Nothing."

Zurianty Sudin's mum taught her the real meaning of charity and being selfless even in the face of hardship.
Wednesday 25 July 2018

Maybank salutes the everyday Unsung Heroes who deserve recognition all year round.

Maybank’s mission is to humanise financial services by celebrating the spirit of Hari Raya through their MY Stories Raya 2018 campaign, which is dedicated to those who embody true humanity across ASEAN.

These individuals have been inspirations throughout their lives by wholly dedicating themselves to the less fortunate. They serve as a reminder that kindness still exists and that helping will never go out of fashion.

Zurianty Sudin learnt compassion from a young age. “Give when you have nothing (as) that’s more meaningful,” her mother had taught her.

It’s a lesson Zurianty has not forgotten.

Today the mother of four sets aside 20-30% of her monthly salary for charity. She has been known to forego holidays abroad for a nobler cause – charity has become a way of life for her.

The social media buzz that surrounds Zurianty’s extensive volunteer work, may draw criticism from certain quarters who think she is seeking publicity, but Zurianty remains unfazed. She explains candidly that her intention is to encourage more people to participate in charity work, to make everyone aware that they can do their bit to help spread love and cheer all around.

Zurianty became deeply involved in charity work when Kelantan was hit by massive floods in December 2014. In fact, they were the worst floods in Kelantan’s history.

Thousands lost everything overnight as their homes were inundated with water.

Zurianty managed to raise RM20,000 and ventured into Kampung Limau Kasturi to help the victims rebuild their homes. Seeing how much a little kindness can impact lives, Zurianty immersed herself involunteer work, especially those involving the orang asli community.

Through her group “Jejak Rimba”, Zurianty has been organising community projects which cater to the physical and educational needs of the villagers.

Zurianty is perhaps best known for her #FreeFuelForTheNeedy (Freevo) project which helped supply motorcyclists around Klang Valley with free petrol following a price hike in November 2016. She spent RM5,000 of her own savings and gave RM5 petrol refills for every motorcyclist she encountered.

“I can’t change the world, but I can try to make someone smile with RM5,” says the lady with a heart of gold.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Zurianty was busy supplying sahur meals for the staff of Selayang Hospital.

In honour of these two selfless individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty, Maybank released two videos featuring Zurianty Sudin and Dr Mangku Sitepoe on its social media platforms, in hopes of inspiring others.

Within one week of posting, Maybank’s videos garnered a grand total of 10.9 million views in two weeks across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, exceeding all expectations and allowing these humanitarians’ stories to live on.

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