Melania, Wear These Jackets Instead

The first lady sparked controversy with her dubious choice in attire.
Friday 22 June 2018
Photo: CNN

As a former high-fashion model, one would think that Melania Trump would be more conscious with her fashion choices, but alas, ignorance seems to have prevailed.

On Thursday, Trump was seen donning a Zara jacket from last season worth US$39 as she boarded her plane to visit an immigrant children’s shelter in McAllen, Texas. The back of the jacket read “I really don’t care. Do U?”, which sparked a huge conversation online about her less than savvy choice.

Given how unmistakably horrendous as her fashion faux pas was, we have a few suggestions as to how she could improve her wardrobe.

Since she finds the paparazzi to be pests:

dont-kill-my-vibes - melania trump
Photo: Sixth June

For days when she feels like reminding the masses that Big Brother is always watching:

im-watching-you - melania trump
Photo: NewdWear

And lastly, when she feels like being honest:

The first lady’s team insisted that there was no hidden meaning behind her outfit choice but something tells us her stylist (if she used one) is about to get the boot.

Here is Donald Trump’s response to the fiasco:

Sure, Trump.

Let’s be real. From a collection presumably filled with designer clothes, why did it have to be that jacket that got taken along for the ride to see these poor, displaced children?

Despite Melania Trump insisting that there was no hidden agenda behind her choice in outerwear, many Twitter users beg to differ:

And the winner for best mic drop goes to:

Let us also remember that she is not only a mother but also Slovenian by blood (and therefore an immigrant) so yes, she should care. Once upon a time, that could’ve been her too, because #ThisIsAmerica.

Source: CNN-Wire