This is How You Attend Music Festivals in Style

Mercedes-Benz showed us a weekend that was packed full of music, cars and a whole lot of fun.
Monday 23 July 2018
The Mercedes-Benz tent at Ultra Music Festival was lit. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

I woke with a start.

It was 6am and my alarm was much too exuberant for the hour.

Then I remembered I was heading to the Ultra Music Festival with Mercedes-Benz and my mood dramatically improved.

Fast-forward and I’m on a flight to Singapore getting jittery in my seat and envisioning what the lion city has in store for me. We pick up our luggage and are presented with keys to the new Mercedes-Benz series of compact cars, all emblazoned with #URBANHUNTING X ULTRA Singapore.

mercedes-ultra2 - music
Mercedes-Benz’s new range of cars taking us to Ultra Music Festival in style. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

As we made our way to the Pan-Pacific Hotel in the fresh CLA 200 model, I decided to blast Curtis Mayfield’s smooth tunes on the impressive sound system. It was the perfect soundtrack for a calm ride and scenic drive, elevated only by the sporty aesthetics of the car itself.

Low to the ground and comfortably snug, I felt incredibly safe with the help of the automated seat-belt tightening (which might even do a better job of embracing you than your significant other).

This car’s good looks makes you feel like you’re living life on the edge but with the security of knowing you can do it all over again, tomorrow.

As we cruised, I fiddled with the control panel to customise my experience (which for me, meant bass turned way up and seat reclined way back) so that all that was left was to take in the gorgeous landscape.

ultra-day-1 - music
The crowd having a blast at Ultra Music Festival. Photo: Mercedes Benz

Dusk was falling as we made our way to Ultra Music Festival. The second I walked into the madness of the EDM and trap music, I knew that it was going to be a trip with strobe lights flickering across stages and the young and beautiful pulsating their bodies to the beat.

The rain which had fallen earlier in the day wasn’t dampening anybody’s mood but my new white kicks suffered the consequences in exchange for an entertaining night.

I got goosebumps as Nicky Romero took the main stage and played an unreleased song named ‘Heaven’ by his late friend, Avicii. It was a fitting tribute for a fallen star.

The night didn’t end there as Steve Angello and crowd favourite DJ Snake finished off day one with a bang, or in his case, a drop.

Day two greeted us with blue skies and trademark Singaporean heat. We drove to PS Café on Dempsey Hill and had the pleasure of kicking back in the GLA model with the VP of Mercedes, Mark Raine.

I was curious to know if these new vehicles would make a good first car or graduation present. Speaking in broader terms about the car, he said “It definitely is, but it’s not only for let’s say, [those in their] early 20s. In my view, our compact cars are sporty, useful; they’re progressive in their appearance. So you might have younger generations in their 20s getting their first, but it could also be somebody who just wants to have fun and wants to have a weekend toy of an A45 or GLA 45.”

Basically, “You can be young at heart in these cars.” We’ll cheers to that.

As the automotive partner to Ultra, Raine explained the movement, Urban Hunting, represented “Music, arts and nightlife that was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz family of premium compact cars,” which was fitting, as they are the perfect companions to natives of the concrete jungle.

Not just focused on good looks and slick performance, Mercedes-Benz also takes pride in its environmentally-conscious vehicles. Raine added that “If you want to have a bit more of an economic drive, you can go on eco mode and that reduces the fuel consumption”, allowing those to drive in style while helping the planet.

ultra-nervo - music
Nervo electrifies with their performance. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

At Ultra, day two’s acts were upon us and Nervo, Afrojack and Above and Beyond stole the show. I couldn’t leave without some snaps though, because ‘pics or it didn’t happen’, right? And maybe I also wanted people to feel a little FOMO.

Who ever said that partying wasn’t tiring? I was spent! Sunday morning was a little rough but it was good to know that we had a reliable and cosy car to jump into for an easy ride back to the airport.

For now though, it’s back to reality and it’s safe to say I’m having withdrawal symptoms from an action-packed weekend of great music, great cars and even better company.