Mercedes-Benz and Wonderfruit Join Forces to Bring New Lifestyle Experiences to Wonderers

Through 'Mercedes me', the world-class automotive brand continues to provide engaging experiences to Mercedes-Benz customers and more.
Wednesday 2 January 2019
Mercedes me took centre stage at Wonderfruit. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Thailand keeps customer centricity high on its agenda as the company continues to deliver the best customer experience and build up ‘Mercedes me’, a global platform designed to bring engaging brand experiences to Mercedes-Benz customers and beyond.

Most recently, the company has announced its partnership with Wonderfruit, a world-class festival by Thai founders, to support the festival’s intention to encourage sustainable living with an emphasis on art, music, food and environmental awareness. A full host of Mercedes me experiences was brought to Wonderers from all over the world at Wonderfruit, which ran from 13 to 16 December at The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya.

Mr Roland Sebastian Folger, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited, said, “With customer centric approach, we meet diversified needs and preferences of consumers through an extensive range of products and constantly ensure the best customer experience across our marketing, sales and after-sales operations. Mercedes me is a global platform that exudes Mercedes-Benz’s spirit to bring novelty and innovative experiences to people.

mercedes-benz-wonderfruit-cars - mercedes benz
A beautiful sight. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

“To bring new Mercedes me experiences to people, Mercedes-Benz [was] present at Wonderfruit as an official partner of this world-class festival,” Mr Folger revealed. “Created by Thai founders, this annual lifestyle festival uses the arts to make a meaningful, positive impact in favour of sustainability and social responsibility.

“Its concept coincides very well with Mercedes-Benz’s technological focus on sustainable mobility, which have among others witnessed the launch of our technology brand ‘EQ – Electric Intelligence by Mercedes-Benz’ to pave way for zero-emission driving.

“By partnering with Wonderfruit this year, Mercedes-Benz is the first and only automotive brand to support the festival’s sustainability ethos, bringing to it an array of the best experiences created on our global Mercedes me platform to enrich lifestyles of the festival goers. Besides, Mercedes me will be an experiential touchpoint that enables Mercedes-Benz to bring the brand closer to the customers and beyond.”

mercedes-benz-wonderfruit-girl - mercedes benz
Urban cool meets indie vibes at Wonderfuit. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mr Frank Steinacher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, added, “Mercedes me is our creative platform to tighten the ties between our brand and the customers, prospects as well as general public by engaging them in the best experiences in food, art and music. It represents a unique concept of celebrating our strong image, creativity, and a dynamic brand spirit. Mercedes me lifestyle stores, with an aim to connect the brand Mercedes-Benz with our expanded consumer groups, also reflect our new benchmark on ways we can engage and fulfill countless desires of young generation consumers.

“Receiving warm response, all activities organised under Mercedes me have been the talk of the town. Thailand’s first chocolate bar, and the biggest living space in the heart of Bangkok, are the clear examples of how we put together ‘the best of multi-faceted experiences’.

mercedes-benz-wonderfruit-general - mercedes benz
Wonderfruit in full swing. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

“These successful activities attracted more than 20,000 visitors, at least 5,000 posts, and a large number of recorded check-ins on both Facebook and Instagram within the 4-month period of operation. Our partnership with Wonderfruit has now provided Mercedes-Benz with a good opportunity to once again deliver impressively phenomenal lifestyle experiences to consumers.

“Mercedes-Benz’s presence at [Wonderfruit] highlighted a creativity-packed programme of activities and happenings. Sophisticatedly prepared by Mercedes-Benz, “me @SOT, an urban space, promises to indulge Wonderers in the best of urban experiences, as anamorphic installations are exceptionally integrated into the zone to excite, entice and amaze everyone.

mercedes-benz-wonderfruit-phum-viphurit - mercedes benz
Thai artist Phum Viphurit doing his thing. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

“Chefs from Thonglor’s most famous eateries, have also contributed by creating the Signature Menu by ‘me’ especially for Wonderfruit. To complete the wonderful experiences, me @SOT will also render musical performances by various prominent Thai and foreign artists, including TWOPEE Southside, Phum Viphurit, Kweku Collins and Skratch Bastid,” Mr. Steinacher concluded.