Nespresso Revives Coffee One Region At A Time

Resurrecting coffee plantations and bringing new blends to the world.
Saturday 11 July 2020
Nespresso works with coffee farmers such as Joseph from Uganda to produce the finest quality beans. Photo: Nespresso

There’s one more reason to love sipping on Nespresso’s Reviving Origins range coffee: you would be indirectly giving back to communities of coffee growers that have been affected by adversity through Nespresso’s Reviving Origins programme. 

The programme was first introduced in 2019 and aimed to increase the production of coffee in regions affected by conflict, economic hardship and environmental disasters. By aiding coffee farmers to increase their quality and yield in a sustainable manner, they benefit economically and thus affect the areas where they live positively.

Coffee farmer Jesca harvesting coffee fruit on the Eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. Photo: Nespresso


Nespresso aids the operations from start to finish, including sustainably sourcing its coffee beans to recycling and producing end-of-life of the products. They have even developed recycling solutions in areas where its used aluminium capsules, which help maintain the freshness and quality of Nespresso coffee, were unacceptable. 


Coffee farmer Don Fernando harvests coffee fruits in the region of Caquetá, Columbia. Photo: Nespresso


The Coffee Variants

To commemorate the Reviving Origins programme, Nespresso has launched three new blends of coffee sourced from affected regions of the world.

AMAHA awe UGANDA, which means hope of Uganda in Lhukonzo, a Ugandan local language, is a single origin coffee with notes of sandalwood and florals. It is of medium acidity and body, grown in a unique terroir where shade and nutrients are provided by banana trees. When milk is added, it brings out biscuity and soft floral flavours.


TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE is produced in partnership with global nonprofit TechnoServe and the local farming community in Manicaland Province, eastern ZImbabwe. As a result, the coffee blend from that region is zesty, complex and has acidic notes of berries and grapes. The addition of milk to this blend yields a balanced cup with sweetness. 


ESPERANZA de COLUMBIA is a result of the support provided by Nespresso and the Colombian National Coffee Growers Federation in rebuilding the industry. Through training of farmers in sustainable practices, environment quality and water management, greater life opportunities have been developed. This blend has a balanced, rounded flavour with hints of yellow fruit and a cereal note.



The capsules are available for purchase at The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur, 1 Utama Shopping centre, online at or via the Nespresso mobile app.