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Nespresso’s #MadeWithCare Campaign Reveals How Care Can Affect Meaningful Changes

As you take that first sip of coffee of the day, remember that your favourite cup of Nespresso coffee isn’t just made of the finest quality beans. More importantly, it’s made with the utmost care, and in collaboration with farmers and the environment.

Quality isn’t something that they stumble upon. It was intentional; a result of conscious choices and the great care taken by the brand throughout its operations globally.

Such goals are being realised through initiatives such as the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. Launched in 2003, the program ensures the selection of superior quality beans, all the while improving the livelihoods of some 110,000 farmers across 15 countries and safeguarding the environment through its commitment to reviving endangered coffees and communities with the Reviving Origins program. And by next year, every cup of Nespresso coffee served will be carbon neutral too!

This latest campaign sees long standing brand ambassador and Nespresso Sustainability Advisory (NSAB) member George Clooney, along with other friends of the brand, exploring the deep human care invested in every cup of Nespresso coffee.

“Nespresso and I have always shared a passion for sustainability and farmer welfare. And if the past year has shown anything, it’s that care is pivotal to communities’ wellbeing and resilience. That’s why I feel privileged to stand alongside people with the same values in the “Made with Care” movement—from activists, to celebrities, to some of the most dedicated farmers and coffee experts I have ever met. Together, we are committed to sustainability, fairness and to ensuring we can enjoy great coffee for generations to come,” shared Clooney.

Together with Clooney, Dr Nyagoy Nyong’o, Global CEO for Fairtrade International, French chef Jean Imbert, and Tristan Lecomte, Founder of PUR Projet partner with Nespresso to amplify the brand’s long-term sustainability objectives.

Nespresso is also collaborating with influential social advocates such as Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz, Rwandan-French actress and philanthropist Sonia Rolland, and Sudanese-American poet and activist Emi Mahmoud to make a stand for equity and gender inclusivity.

Lending their voices to the campaign are the very people behind the Nespresso brand. Nespresso’s Head of Coffee Development Alexis Rodriguez, coffee specialist James Pergola, Colombian agronomist Juliana Correa, and Nicaraguan coffee artists Cindy Romero and Anderson Moran join forces to spread the message of how caring for the quality of your coffee can translate to positive changes in the farmers’ communities across the globe, and vice versa.

Catch the campaign film here to learn more about their definition of care.

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