Create New Rituals this Summer with Nespresso

Coffee recipes inspired by Brazil, Caipirinhas and Alessandra Ambrosio
Friday 24 June 2022
Alessandra Ambrosio enjoying a Liminha Over Ice

Drinking coffee is closely associated with rituals. For many, it’s that meditative state in the morning where you slowly wake up and prepare for the day, for some it is a quick shot of espresso on their way to work or the next meeting, while others enjoy that moment after dinner with their spouse over a cup of coffee. 

Now that the summer has officially started, it’s the perfect time to create some positive vibes and start new rituals or give a new twist to your existing ones. That’s where Nespresso comes in with their Nespresso’s Barista Creations over Ice coffee range and a few carefully crafted coffee recipes. 

For this summer, Nespresso has added a new flavour to its range of Barista Creations over Ice. The Liminha over Ice is inspired by zesty Brazilian flavours with notes of lime and mint thrown in with lightly roasted coffees from around the world. The new coffee is available alongside the Coconut Flavour over Ice and the Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato – the seasonal black coffees variants that are making a come back.

We have chosen three of Nespresso’s recipes for you that will celebrate the summer, so unleash your inner barista and create some positive vibes for yourself, your family and/or friends, with these wonderful coffee creations.


1. Brazilian-Inspired Mocktail

Get yourself a Brazilian summer with this recipe that is based on the Liminha Over Ice Capsule with added ingredients such as fresh lime, brown sugar, passion fruit seeds and gum syrup. Find the full recipe (and others) here.


2. Coconut Flavour Over Ice Coffee Frappé

This recipe takes the Coconut Flavour Over Ice Capsule as a basis and adds tropical ingredients such as pineapple syrup, coconut flakes and edible flowers for decoration. Don’t forget the Nestle milk and ice cubes. Find the full recipe (and others) here.


3. Freddo Intenso Fig Banana Shake

Another recipe we can recommend is one based on the Freddo Intenso flavour. Fig and banana syrup are added to the coffee from the capsule, with of course Nestle milk and ice cubes. Decorated with a slice of fresh fig and edible flowers. Find the full recipe (and others) here.


Also check out Nespresso’s website to order your capsules or find out about their latest promotions.