This is How You Party Like a Rockstar

There’s only one way to send off the old and welcome the new, and that’s with a lot of fanfare, hoopla and a big bang. 
Friday 28 December 2018
They're ending the year with a bang. Photo: Kim Mun

“Manners maketh man,” says Colin Firth’s debonair character in Kingsman, right before hitting assailants with chairs and his brolly. But the true measure of social graces certainly must come from the doyenne of Ps and Qs – Emily Post. The mistress of manners certainly demands the highest decorum so read these top tips from the Emily Post Institute to secure an invitation to the best parties.

Good Host: Plan well. Take care in creating your guest list. A great group of people will make any party a success, even if it rains on the picnic or the food is a flop.

Good Guest: Be on time. Punctuality means different things to people in different locales. In general, guests should arrive at or shortly after (fifteen minutes or less) the time stated on the invitation. Do not, however, arrive early. If you will be seriously late, call your host with an ETA so she won’t worry.

On Yiu Lin: Sequin dress by Badgley Mischka at Style Rent Malaysia; pearl necklaces, stylist’s own. On Ozzy: Suit by Maatin Shakir; pinstripe shirt by Atelier Fitton. On Fyza: Corset by Nurita Harith; skirt by Khoon Hooi. On Jeff: Suit by Atelier Fitton; shirt by Tengku Syahmi.

2-december-ozzy-jeff-ramsey - new year
Cheers to the new year. Photo: Kim Mun

Good Host:
Be welcoming and attentive. Make sure guests are greeted warmly, then made to feel welcome throughout the party. Look after each guest as much as you can.

Good Guest: Be a willing participant. When your host says that it’s time for dinner, go straight to the table. If you’re asked to participate in a party game or view Susie’s graduation pictures, accept graciously and enthusiastically no matter how you really feel.

On Ozzy: Suit by Atelier Fitton; dress shirt and bowtie by Sacoor Brothers. On Jeff: Tuxedo, shirt and bowtie by Sacoor Brothers.

3-december-yiu-lin-jeff-ramsey - new year
We’re comin’ up so you better get the party started. Photo: Kim Mun

Good Host: Be flexible and gracious. Your soufflé falls. Or one friend arrives with an unexpected guest. The ruined dessert? Have a fallback. The uninvited guest? As discourteous as it is for someone to spring a surprise on you, be gracious. No polite host would ever send an uninvited guest packing.

Good Guest: Offer to help when you can. If you’re visiting with the host in the kitchen as he prepares the food, be specific when you offer to help: “I’d be happy to prep the salad or fill the water glasses.”

On Yiu Lin: Feather gown, Brian Khoo. Shoes, stylist’s own. On Jeff: Tuxedo, shirt and bowtie, Sacoor Brothers. Shoes, stylist’s own.

4-december-fyza-2 - new year
Ringing in the new year with buckets of style. Photo: Kim Mun

Good Host: Be the leader and the spark. It’s your job to run the show and let your guests know when it’s time for dinner, or dessert, or charades. Circulate among your guests, introduce newcomers, and stay with each group long enough to get a conversation going.

Good Guest: Don’t overindulge. Attacking finger foods as if you haven’t eaten in a week will not only attract the wrong kind of attention, it will also leave less food for other guests. Same goes for the pinot noir. Moderation is the name of the game.

On Fyza: Feather gown by Ivan Young; bangle, stylist’s own.

5-december-style-group-shot-2 - new year
Glitz, glamour, action! Photo: Kim Mun

Good Host:
Be appreciative. Thank people for coming as you bid them goodbye. And don’t forget to thank anyone who brought you a gift.

Good Guest: Thank your host twice. Always thank your hosts enthusiastically when you say your goodbyes. A second thank you by phone the day after the party is also a gracious gesture. If the party was formal or given in your honour, written thanks are in order.

On Yiu Lin: Sequin pantsuit by Afiq M. On Jeff: Jacket by Atelier Fitton; dress shirt by Sacoor Brothers; slacks by Tengku Syahmi; shoes, stylist’s own. On Fyza: Feather dress by Lana. On Ozzy: Jacket by Aere Men; slacks by Maatin Shakir; pinstripe shirt by Atelier Fitton. On Chris: Shirt by Aere Men; glitter tuxedo by CMDI Fashion. On Matt: Three-piece suit by Maatin Shakir; shirt by Tengku Syahmi. On Lara: Corset dress by Brian Khoo.

6-december-fyza - new year
It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Photo: Kim Mun

Remember to have fun. When the party is in full swing, whether you’re doing a punch run or raising the roof, everyone should have a good time.

On Fyza: Gown by Janique by Kourosh Babaian at Style Rent Malaysia. On Chris: Suit and shirt by Aere Men. On Matt: Suit by Aere Men; Shirt by Tengku Syahmi. On Lara: Sequin dress by Afiq M.

7-december-ozzy-fyza - new year
Leave in everybody’s good graces. Photo: Kim Mun

On Ozzy: Tuxedo and bowtie by Sacoor Brothers; shirt by Aere Men. On Fyza: Sequin dress by Maarimaia; bangle and shoes, stylist’s own.

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