Parasite Filming Locations to Check Out in Seoul 

Is your basement the hottest travel destination in South Korea?  
Thursday 20 February 2020
This iconic supermarket is where it all started. Photo: Ed Jones/AFP

Bong Joon-ho’s comedy-horror-satire-thriller has captured the hearts of many as the South Korean film took home four awards at the 92nd edition of the Oscars, including a historic win for best picture. This has sent the world into a frenzy as Parasite’s filming locations are now a major hit for locals and tourists.

The film brilliantly showcases the haunting social commentary on the class divide, with a large chunk of the action taking place in the homes of the Kims and the Parks. The former is a basement-styled apartment which accommodates a family of four. Meanwhile, the latter is an impeccably-designed bungalow, fitted with a hidden basement to lock away your husband for a year or two.

However, both of these homes were sets created just for the film. But, there are plenty of original Parasite filming locations that fans can visit in Seoul. The official tourism organizations for the city and South Korea have also put together travel guides highlighting some of Parasite’s key filming locations.

Doijissal Supermarket: Humble beginnings

parasite location 3 - filming
Photo: Visit Seoul

This is where it all began. In Parasite, Ki-woo was offered to take up the part-time tutor position from his friend. In the film though, the supermarket’s name appears as Woori Supermarket. If you’re looking to get a couple of pictures, the iconic old-school ice cream container is the best prop to have.

Sky Pizza: Making ends meet

parasite location 2 - filming
Photo: Visit Seoul

This is a local family-run pizzeria that’s been here for 17 years. According to the Seoul Tourism Organization, the owners were the ones who taught Song Kang-ho how to fold the uniquely shaped pizza boxes, as seen in the movie. Additionally, Parasite’s popularity has contributed to a business boom for the 10-seater restaurant. Sales have doubled and the pizza machine also broke down due to an overload of orders.

Stairs in a nearby village: Anything for a job

parasite location - filming
Photo: Visit Seoul

This set of stairs features in the scene where Ki-jeong or Jessica, buys peaches and takes them to the home of the Parks. This is part of a diabolical scheme to get rid of the old housekeeper and to get her mom a new job. One of the most notable Parasite filming locations is also located a minute away from the above-mentioned Doijissal Supermarket.

The stairs of Jahamun tunnel : Descending the social class

parasite location 1 - filming
Photo: Visit Seoul

This is one of the most vital scenes in the film and Parasite’s most meaningful filming location. After a nerve-wracking escape from the home of the Parks following their earlier-than-expected return from a camping trip, the Kims brave the rain and head for this set of stairs on their way home.

The mise-en-scène used by Joon-ho also represents the step down from an upper class society into a lower class, going from an affluent neighbourhood in which homes have a coffee table that’s large enough to allow a family of three to comfortably sneak under, to an apartment that is at risk of smelling and flooding when someone takes a piss on the streets and during heavy rain.

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Source: AFP Relax News, CNN