Patrick on How to Get Your Grove Back

Part nice guy, part product demagogue, he is Southeast Asia’s biggest evangelist.
Wednesday 17 April 2019
Techies aren't usually this sexy. Photo: UNRESERVED

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term ‘rock star’ as ‘a person treated as a celebrity, especially in inspiring fanatical admiration’. For Patrick Grove, CEO and co-founder of Catcha Group, it seems to be a term that describes him perfectly, which he embodies with every step he takes.

When he walks into a room, people take notice and it’s not just because he’s statuesque in height. He exudes a swagger that people are immediately drawn to, and yes, everyone wants to be him or befriend him.

At parties, he’s surrounded by groups of people − people who know him personally (or don’t) would crowd around him for a glimpse or a word. And of course, with that territory comes the beautiful women who all want to date him.

Grove’s reputation for being a ‘modeliser’ is something that those close to him know of and that he falls hard and fast. Couple that with a love for wild parties back in his magazine days and it’s evident that he is someone who plays as hard as he works.

Patrick Grove (2) - people

Currently, he works long hours, but he always has time for his partner. When the comment of his ‘type’ being more skewed towards models is brought up, he brushes it off and says he’s dated a lot of people who aren’t models and a few people who are.

“My partner is my type – someone who’s smart, funny, incredibly positive all the time, super family-orientated; someone like me who works really hard and at the end of the day wants to go home and just be a real introvert, sit together and do nothing and watch iflix together,” he says with a smile. Perhaps this bad boy is about to settle down soon?

This is affirmed when Grove says, “15 years ago when we were still in the magazine business, I used to go out a lot. Now I work until midnight Monday to Friday, then I go home and collapse. I collapse on Saturday and go back to working again on Sunday. I would say I’m a workaholic. I love what I do and I’ve become such a simple person. I don’t drink or smoke.”

For someone who is frequently seen at social events with beautiful women and having been in relationships with them, Grove doesn’t have a philosophy when it comes to love, he says. In fact for him it’s really simple. “I just want to be in an environment surrounded with positivity, love, (be with someone) with common values, who likes to eat yummy food together, stay home together, travel together, and I think that when you find someone who likes to do the same things together, it’s a simple, beautiful and incredible experience.”

This article is an excerpt from UNRESERVED’s April 2019 issue from the article Boomtown Cat.

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