Portraits: Andrew Tan

A success story of a kopitiam boy turned entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
Wednesday 25 March 2020
Get the insight on building a successful business.

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and now author of The Bullseye Strategy to Raising Capital, Andrew Tan is no stranger to the startup world, with 16 years of business experience behind him and having raised millions for a multitude of local businesses.

With humble beginnings in Batu Pahat where he was a kopitiam boy, Tan is currently a Managing Partner of venture capital firm, TinkBig Venture Limited. He was former CEO of crowd-funding platform, CrowdPlus.asia and 3B Ventures, a Danish venture capital firm. Here, he reveals his hidden talent, favourite way to relax, and much more.

What do you think of local entrepreneurs?

Malaysians are creative people. We have a lot of entrepreneurs and good marketing strategies, and we are good salespeople. However, we are lacking in fundamentals and in the R&D part when creating an innovative product.

We are good at replicating other’s business models but not with coming up with the next innovation. We should focus on the Southeast Asian market as a whole rather than looking to build a business that is sustainable just in Malaysia.

What is the one thing you want readers to take away after reading your book?

I want to impart a skill set or framework, a methodology of fundraising in a legal, systematic and efficient way.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Solve a real-life problem with a sustainable business model. I think that might be one of the most impactful advice I have received.

Suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt?

I think I’m more into suits and ties.

Favourite way to relax?


What’s a typical morning routine for you?


If you weren’t a VC or an author, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t a VC, to be honest, I would devote my full time to charity.

Favourite reading material?


What’s your hidden talent?

Cooking. My favourite dish to make is soup.

What do you spend the most money and least money on?

I spend the most on food and the least on clothing.

Favourite holiday destination?


What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

That I’m egoistic. I say, get to know me first.

Greatest achievement in life?

The positive impact that I’ve created around people.

What inspires you?

Hunger for success within me that wants to do more.

Person you admire?

Richard Branson.

Most overused word or phrase?


Word Association

Bullseye – Precision

Career – Elevate

Happiness – Food

Love – Family

Confidence – Result

Money – Instrument

Time – Precious

Fear – Stagnant


This article is an excerpt from Unreserved’s March 2020 issue from the article Portraits: Andrew Tan