For Puras Founder Angie Chong, Her Work is Essentially a Personal Enterprise

Having had her fair share of health struggles, she turned to natural healing and the botanical powers of essential oils for relief
Thursday 3 March 2022

For those in the retail industry, Angie Chong requires no introduction. She is the powerhouse that has been successful in growing brands and expanding empires. After years of carving her place in the field, she has now progressed into creating her own brand. What started as a personal journey looking for healthier products for herself and her family, has become a proudly owned Malaysian brand and a market leader in non-toxic and non-carcinogenic products.


Her motivation

Running a successful business, albeit very fulfilling, comes with its own caveats, and one of it is the amount of pressure and stress that comes with it. Tackling the issue is one thing, but handling the matter with grace is a different conversation altogether. Angie’s maladies are migraines and sinus infections, and after what seemed like an eternity of pill dependency, she finally found her cure: essential oils.

Angie became an instant believer after a friend handed her a bottle of lavender essential oil. “I realised that night, immediately it helps me to sleep better. I used to be a very excitable person, and that bottle of lavender really calmed me down,” she said.



Natural healing

After having experienced first-hand the impact natural products can have, it was crucial for Angie to create products that are not only made from natural ingredients but are also drug free. That’s why she and her team of chemists and formulators only focus on producing non-carcinogenic and non-toxic 100% pure essential oils and natural healing products.

Convinced of the goodness it can bring to people’s lives, she has made it the company’s mission to raise the awareness of the benefits of non-toxic and non-carcinogenic products.


Spreading the essential oil goodness beyond

Angie saw her discovery as an opportunity to not only fix her own problems, but also as a chance to empower others to overcome theirs. Looking out into the world today, she realised that many are afflicted with respiratory issues, anxiety, as well as body aches and sleeping issues. With that in mind, Angie and her team at Puras dedicated a range of blends to tackle each significant problem. Now, these lines (Respiratory Warriors, Emotional Companions, Relieve Me, and Silent Night) are available to address your specific needs.

But Angie didn’t stop there. “Another layer we played around with, is personal care products, because everyone uses a body wash, a body lotion, etc.,” Angie shared. Having spearheaded many product launches, this is familiar terrain for her. This is the one area where she was crystal clear with what to do and how to do it. However, skincare was a different beast.



Dermatological exploration

Despite having made waves in that realm before, Angie herself never found a particular face wash she genuinely enjoyed. Her past experiences with them brought her to this conclusion: “I hated using face wash. Especially those with a lot of foam—they really strip off the natural barrier of your skin.” As someone who has been let down by many a face wash that claimed to be “sensitive-skin friendly”, or that they are a “gentle formulation”, I understand the sentiment.

With someone like Angie steering the ship, her formulators definitely had their work cut out for them. “I told them ‘give me a face wash that I will start using, and I would love to use.’” After many iterations, they landed on the right one. Powered by Dragon’s Blood resin. Which also provides the ingredients for the cleansing oil. The cleanser rids the skin of impurities without leaving your skin parched and sensitised. And just how much does Angie enjoy this cleanser, you ask? She loves it enough to make it her single pick for a desert-island type of situation.

The ingredient has been steadily gaining traction in recent years, and this is perhaps the first Malaysian brand to concoct an array of goods based on the ingredient.

So what’s next for Puras? Well, they are currently planning an international expansion. Branching out into Australia would allow the Puras team to explore product creation even further, particularly in the creation of products that include the use of hemp seed oil. Angie aspires to make the most of hemp seed oil—a powerhouse ingredient that has long been on the horizon—and is thinking of creating a line housing nine to ten products to maximise the benefits.



What people love about Puras

All brands have their hero products that are in their must-try category. For Puras, it is definitely their synergistic blends. At the moment, Angie indicated that their current best-seller is the Quiet Moment essential oil blend, created with the soothing scents of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver. From creating a positive aromatic environment, to easing you into a deep slumber, this blend is not your average one-trick pony.

As for their skincare assortment, it is no surprise that the Dragon’s Blood range got the spotlight. Those who are always on the hunt to experience new ingredients are likely to explore this rare range to discover the latest and greatest in the skincare world. But even the most novice of skincare enthusiasts can appreciate the gentle formulations from the selection.

And when you’re done with each item, Puras will accept your used Puras bottles. For every bottle returned, customers will receive RM1. This is their sustainability initiative. And you don’t need to wonder what happens to your discarded bottles. Angie explained it all to UNRESERVED. “First, of course, the bottle has to go through label removal. Subsequently, the bottle is given a thorough cleanse before it is recycled.”

Although about only 10% of the bottles make their way back to the brand, Puras continues to advocate the initiative. Angie said, “we feel that if each and every one of us contribute to a small way at home and at work, and in the business, it does really go a long way.”


For more information about Puras’ non-carcinogenic and non-toxic 100% pure essential oils and natural healing products, head over to the Puras website or visit one of their stores in The Gardens Mall, 1 Utama, Bangsar Village II, 163 Retail Park or IOI City Mall.