Rising Malaysian Star Puteri Aishah Loves Playing the Villain

Fresh-faced and hungry for more, Puteri Aishah is taking the entertainment world by storm.
Saturday 1 December 2018
Puteri Aishah is making a name for herself in showbiz. Photo: Alfie Management

Her participation in a beauty contest Dewi Remaja sparked her acting career, leading to a minor role in Akulah Balqis. She looks up to Scha Alyahya, also a Dewi Queen, and strives to inspire through her artistry. Picking up more and more projects recently, some of her notable roles include Cinta Roller Coaster (2016), Terima Aku Seadanya (2018) and Atas Nama Cinta (2018).

Recent feature film Pulang where she stars alongside Remy Ishak has propelled her into the limelight. Being mindful of her health, she is learning to cook. Outside of work, she is currently focused on spending as much time as she can with her mother who fell ill recently.

Why did you pursue acting? I love experimenting with new looks, styles, even lipstick colours. Acting allows me to do that and more, by playing different characters and letting my imagination run free. I’m currently playing my first antagonist role in a TV series for Astro in Atas Nama Cinta; Liza is the kind of mean girl that would steal your man without a second thought. Even though I absolutely love playing her, you will most definitely hate her.

What was it like to be a part of a feature film? Playing Thom in Pulang was a breakthrough opportunity for me. I didn’t even think I would get the role. I only had one acting gig to my name at the time of casting, a tiny role on TV. But I guess Khabir saw a bit of Thom in me. I had to rely a lot on my imagination, especially in scenes shot on green screen. In the scene where Thom was paddling in the middle of the ocean, I was actually on dry land with my hands ‘paddling’ in two buckets of water, one on each side.

What are your thoughts on body image after having to put on a body suit? Playing Kamelia is an experience I wouldn’t have had if not for acting. I feel that our society in general lacks sensitivity when it comes to addressing a larger sized person. I walked in Kamelia’s shoes for a couple of months and it felt like I needed to work harder to just prove myself worthy of a boy’s love, and it shouldn’t be that way.

What kind of movies would you like to be doing if you could choose? As a kid, Wonder Woman was my hero. I would love nothing more than to play her, but Gal Gadot already beat me to it. A role that says a lot about women empowerment, one way or another – that would be the ultimate.

How do you get into character? Movie nights! I try to identify similar characters in other films or TV series, both local and international, and use them as references. To play Liza, I watched Regina George in Mean Girls (2004) and Veronica Lodge in Riverdale (2017). Out of all the tools in the shed, life experiences top them all. When I am able to reference a real life emotion from the past or current, that’s when magic happens, well for me at least.

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