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*This article was published in September 2019

Deadlines? Pressures? A demanding career? Health warning! Too much productivity can be counterproductive. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2016 reported that increased stress could lead to burnout, while Forbes suggests that this can affect individual productivity by over 50%.

Even though now is not the best time to travel yet, but you can always look at these travel inspirations to reduce your stress away. One day when travelling is possible again, you can get your mojo back with these low maintenance and easily accessed short breaks. Bring your friends along, because #squadgoals!


What can you do in 90 minutes? A gym workout? Watch a movie? Fly to Thailand? Yes, yes and definitely yes! Phuket has been ranked sixth best destination in the world by TripAdvisor, and why not? The Thai island has been termed as wholesome due to its pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations and tantalising cuisines.

Kata Noi - beaches
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Chartering a boat grants access to at least 10 of the best beaches. Besides the mainstream Kata and Ya Nui beaches, those in search of some peace away from tourists can consider Freedom or Kata Noi beaches for snorkelling and island hopping. Once the sun is down, a whole new spectrum of activities open up, starting from cabaret and animal shows like Siam Naruwit to countless luxury bars and restaurants for an evening of intoxicating parties. Sounds like a pretty woke holiday, no?


If you had to travel 350km, would you rather drive for about four hours to Johor Bahru or take a flight out for an hour to Indonesia? The latter seems like a better deal. Medan, Indonesia, is just the place for nature lovers who are ready to get into gear and work it out for an experience. This capital city of North Sumatra is filled with thrilling adventures, one of which is Mount Sibayak, an active volcano open for the public to hike, guided of course. The 2,212-metre arduous hike could be followed by a nice dip in the Sipoholon hot springs.

Mount Sibayak - beaches
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Or if pampering the eyes without straining the body sounds more appealing, hotels like JW Marriot and Aryaduta organise private tours to Lake Toba, which is the world’s largest volcanic lake. In the surrounding areas there are attractions like the Sipiso-piso waterfall, which is the tallest waterfall in all of Indonesia. The day trip can be concluded with a trip to Tuk-Tuk, a tourist hub on Samosir Island located on the lake.


For the curious travellers, Ho Chi Minh City, a two-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur is the place to go. Home to historic tourism sights, which date back to the Vietnam War in 1969, this city once known as Saigon has more to offer beneath its reputation of being a business hub. A day trip to an attraction like the Chu Chi tunnels, which were used by Vietnamese soldiers to hide during combat as well as to transport food and medical resources, would appease any history buff. There are also attractions like the War Remnants Museum as well as the Independence Palace, both of which encapsulate the history of the beautiful city.

Ho Chi Minh - beaches
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If that is not for you, you can instead choose to travel by luxury speedboat as you explore the vast maze of rivers and rice paddies found in the Mekong Delta on this culture-centric tour with visits to a Buddhist pagoda, local farms and workshops, and floating markets. Other highlights include the Saigon river dinner cruise and art gallery tours, giving travellers multiple activity options.


Sometimes it is not really about time one has but about a location being easily accessible. Delayed and cancelled flights can be a nightmare should there be an emergency and in this case, a road trip would be the ideal choice for a getaway. Malaysia is known for many things, namely its food and beaches. That said, most beaches are packed with tourists and that may be a damper when it comes to enjoying some peace and quiet. Instead of mainstream locations, one can consider more private and exclusive locations for a luxe getaway – after all Malaysia has over 800 islands.

Pangkor Laut - beaches
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An example would be the Pangkor Laut Resort, an isolated resort in Pulau Pangkor. Another option is Taaras Beach and Spa Resort on Redang Island, which also has a great private beach for consideration as they have cordoned off a part of the beach to protect sea life from external damage. Activities like a guided tour to the turtle sanctuary, island hopping and snorkelling trips are great for winding down over a few precious days.


This article is an excerpt from UNRESERVED’s September 2019 issue from the article QUICK GETAWAYS.

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