Thursday 31 January 2019

There is a saying that beer is about freedom, wine is about health, whilst cognac is about power. And this Chinese New Year, that power reverberates in the amber hues of Hennessy’s latest creation in collaboration with artist Guangyu Zhang.

With roots in Shanghai, Zhang was soon accepted at the prestigious Central St Martin School of London – whose alumni include a star-studded roster of names such as Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan and Terence Conran.

His Chinese ancestry and cool London edge are manifest in his collaborative artwork with Hennessy.

Elaborate converging circles represent fulfilment and perfection and the natural cycle of life, while also artistically representing Hennessy’s double distillation method. Symbolising the natural world are figures of the boar, crane and goldfish, which move together in harmony.

Said Zhang of his creation, “To me, there’s an obvious harmony between my world and Hennessy’s. Hennessy cognac is made thanks to the passion of 8 generations of Master Blenders. It’s multi-dimensional. I wanted to translate the feeling I found in cognac into colour and sense. I want to capture the moment by blending colours to visually express the taste of the blend, happiness and fortune.”

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