A Civilised Ramadhan Buffet at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Elegant buffet grazing in these socially distant times
Friday 22 April 2022

Given these omicron influenced pandemic into endemic times we live in, going to a restaurant buffet can be an awkward exercise. This was not the case as I discovered at St Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Warisan Ramadhan Buffet. On the second floor, you will find their Ramadhan pop up to be a reassuring experience that seamlessly marries safety, distance and good food. It isn’t a dizzying array of dishes, and frankly when you have been fasting the whole day, a choice headache isn’t necessarily what you need, rather it is a well thought out curated variety of dishes from across Malaysia.

The tables were all full the night we went, but curiously there was no manic crowd in the queues, no clutter of dishes and a cacophony of chatter that you associate with buffet madness. It was civilised, orderly and enjoyable. Portions are served by the staff with plastic screen dividers for social distance safety, and this guarantees you won’t wantonly overload your plate. Service remains attentive with no need to hail down a harried waiter overloaded with requests, as they come to you almost instinctively should you want something.



Then there is the food. I usually eschew local food at hotels, not because you pay less outside (although there is a strong argument for it there), but largely because it’s usually bland and catered for tourists. So I was pleasantly surprised to taste authentic flavours with a capital F. You will find heritage dishes with modern tweaks (that still taste like how your grandmother might make it) such as “Perak Beef Short Ribs Rendang Tok with Honey Jackfruit”. “Tiger Prawn Red Curry with Starfruit” as well as “Penang Lamb Shank Curry with Bananas” all accompanied with “Lemang”.

Embracing the essence of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic culture, are the must-have “Ketupat Palas with Beef and Chicken Serunding”, “Soup Utara”, “Bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru”Penang Prawn Noodles”, live-stations. I am a total sambal freak, so when confronted with a variety, I was a little giddy with anticipation to try them all.



Chef Azizi and Chef Ridzwan put together a not-to-miss condiment selection of sambal, all also with a touch of fruit such as “Sambal Umbra Chilli Padi Kedah, Sambal Belacan Pomelo Melaka, Sambal Ikan Bilis with Young Starfruit Selangor, Sambal Hijau Buah Cermai Kelantan, Sambal Kunyit Longan Johor”, and “Sambal Merah Nangka Madu Negeri Sembilan”.

Last, but not least it will also be a delight for sweet-tooths as the dessert station will offer an array sweet treats such as “Malay Kuih”, “Sarawak Poached Buah Salak”, “Kelantan Soursop Pudding”, “Coconut Rambutan Panna Cotta”, and many others.

At an impressive RM248++ a head, your wallets may creak, but being far from the madding crowd, the impeccable inobtrusive service, and throw in a giant king prawn or two, it is worth the splurge.

For reservations, email [email protected] or call +603 2727 6696


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