Riding into 2023 with Peace of Mind

Simple but valuable tips from the mechanics at Honda Big Wing.
Friday 20 January 2023

New year, new resolutions! And if “enjoying your motorbike more” is one of them, then we got you covered. We recently spoke to the mechanics at Honda Big Wing and they shared with us the most common reasons why customers bring their bikes to the workshop for repair or upgrades. They also gave some valuable tips on how to look after your beloved motorbike and make sure you new year resolution is going to last for the whole year and keep you safe in the process.



How to take good care of your motorbike

The most common reasons why people bring their bikes to the workshop have to do with tyres, batteries, engine oil, chains or lights. Here are some tips that can possibly prevent a breakdown.

Before you ride your Honda out, take a few minutes and go around the bike. See if anything’s amiss. It could be a loose chain or maybe even a flat or worn-out tyre. Just 5 minutes of your time could save you time on the road waiting for help.

Next, washing your bike regularly will keep your bike looking brand-staking new and at the same time might even uncover any possible issues with your bike that was hidden under all that grime.



A good thing to have at home is a bottle of chain lube. One of the main components of a bike is the chain and you do not want it to dry out. After every ride, make it a point to clean it and spray some lubricant on your chain. Well looked after chains can last past 50,000 kilometres.

It is well noted that most accidents happen because the other vehicle did not see you, so always make sure your lights and blinkers are in working condition. Riding in the dark without any signal or lights is not only dangerous, you are also liable to be fined by the police if your lights or signal does not work.

Make sure your tyres are well inflated and not leaking. This ensures a comfortable, smooth and safe ride. A quick ride to the nearest air pump will remedy this. Do use the correct PSI or else overinflation will cause your tyres to swell and that will need replacing.



How to stay safe on your motorbike

Motorcycles like most other vehicles are easily customisable and, depending on what you are aiming for in your trusty steed, can be modified in more ways than one. Cosmetic upgrades like panniers, wheel guards, bobbins or carbon fibre windshield deflectors are popular adjustments. If you want to squeeze some extra ponies out of your iron horse, you can also consider upgrading your computer box. Before you go down this route though, let the professionals at Honda Big Wing advise you.

Riding or commandeering any vehicle is no child’s play. Your safety is the utmost priority in maintaining one’s life (yourself and others). Do make sure you’re in the best of health. If you don’t feel fit, take your car or a Grab. As they say Ride Another Day.

Some final words of caution, if you can hear your fear, slow down on the throttle. Sometimes there is no need for speed.

And lastly, before you leave your beloved bike anywhere, always make sure it’s secured well or else you will be hopping onto a taxi on the way back.



We do hope those tips will benefit you and your trusted bike for years to come. If you need more information about where you can service your Honda or what new motorcycles just have been launched, check out the Honda Big Wing website here.