Roberto’s 1020 Osteria: An Authentic Italian Experience

A bright spot in a grey future where comfort can be found in the form of Italian pasta and pizza.
Thursday 24 December 2020
Everything here was imported, including the chef. Photo: Roberto's 1020 Osteria

There is always hope, even during the pandemic that life is moving on with spots of colour in the future. One such bright spot is the new opening of Roberto’s 1020 Osteria in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Set on the outer side of BSC, Roberto’s wafts the smell of fresh pizza and glorious pasta over to passerby’s enticing them to come and have a whiff. One could get swept up in that smell and the next thing you know you’re sitting down in a cosy little corner ready for the full Tuscan experience.

With the promise of authentic traditional Italian food, our Editor-in-Chief was enticed out of COVID19 imposed seclusion – Roberto’s Cichetti and Zenzero were already on her list of favourites. The new restaurant did not disappoint, the Editor-in-Chief quote of the night was “Best pizza this side of town. What a nightmare I had to share it.”


The wonderful smells that come from this Italian pizza oven are enough to make mouths water. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


UNRESERVED talked to Roberto Guiati, Chief Executive of PETRA Cucina, about this new venture.

What inspired you to open Roberto’s?
We’re a very dynamic company, PETRA Cucina we’re always looking for expansion. All our other restaurants are based in the city near the KLCC area, we’ve never ventured outside of KLCC. Here we saw a gap in the market.

This area of KL, Bangsar, Damansara as well as Petaling Jaya, there were no authentic Italian restaurants, I think the market was ready for new concepts. Sometimes you don’t feel like you want to go to the city, you’re too tired to drive there and BSC is the perfect location, somewhere more relaxed.

Has the launching of this restaurant been like a new hope during COVID times for you?
Oh yes, I think it has been, not just for us but for a lot of people. They’re very proud of the fact that they are able to hire people that have been let go. Also business, we hired construction companies, designing companies, writing and other companies have been able to benefit from our expansion.


Roberto Giuati is proud to bring you only the best of Italy at his new restaurant. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


What was the biggest difficulty that you faced opening a restaurant during COVID times?
The suppliers, the travelling, it was the logistics really. The logistics of getting everything here and getting all the equipment, we brought in a lot of things from Europe, from Italy.

What kind of experience can people hope to find at Roberto’s?
At Roberto’s, we want to give a true Italian experience, with authentic traditional recipes but with high-end quality ingredients. This is a high-end yet cosy yet casual restaurant. Our ingredients are really top-notch, you can’t get better than that, we bought mostly everything from Europe or from Australia or from Italy.

Our pizza is from Italy, our chef is Italian, our recipes are really traditional. But it’s not just the food but it’s about the ambience, the music, the service, a truly Italian experience in all facets.


It’s pasta and pizza, don’t come here if you’re planning to diet. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


What, in your opinion, is a must-try at Roberto’s?
Pizza is a must, I think our pizza is already quite well known. Our other restaurant, Luce Osteria Contemporanea has been recognised as one of the top ten businesses in Asia, which was a big achievement for us. The pizzas are of the same recipe, the ingredients are from Italy as well, the same manufacturer of gluten, hence the quality is the same.

The homemade pasta is a must as well, people must try the gnocchi, it seems to be one of the most popular dishes in the last few days and the mushroom risotto too. Not to mention the Sea bass. It’s very difficult to recommend, especially with 25 flavours of pizza on the menu at the moment.

Will there be more to come after Roberto’s?
Yes, we’ve got a KL expansion plan with two more Roberto’s within the next three years and we’re also going to open a lounge with cigars and whiskies. We’re also going to build a centralised kitchen.

It’s good to see COVID hasn’t slowed you down.
It was still a good year. We adapted and we found new opportunities. If we sit down and wait for all of this to pass, nothing will ever get done, we can’t sit still, I hate it. In this pandemic, we found better opportunities, beautiful locations and friendlier landlords. We just have to stay positive and adapt when possible.


The gnocchi and the mushroom risotto are both popular dishes to try. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


The Food
Roberto’s quality is top-tier and standards are high-end but meals aren’t small delicate plates of palate teasers, the food here is meant for sharing. Gatherings with family and friends is the Italian way and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Hearty bowls of pasta and a variety of pizza topping choices, Roberto’s showcases Tuscan and Emilian culinary staples. Find everything from cold cuts to Filetto di Barramundi, they even serve a breakfast menu until brunch hours.

While picking apart your favourite pizza or digging into the gnocchi, enjoy their wine selection that specialises in unique selections of wines sourced from the lush beautiful Tuscan countryside.


They also have a well-stocked cocktail bar if wine isn’t your thing. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


The Ambience
Cosy, cool and casual, the dining is al fresco and in Malaysia that usually isn’t as nice as it is in four-season countries, but it works for Roberto’s. In the words of our Editor-in-Chief “earthy, cheery decor that welcomes friends and family alike.” You can’t miss the signs on the outside.

The restaurant opened to the public on 19 December 2020 and has had a steady flow of customers since. They have taken all the precautions and follow the CMCO SOP strictly, so it might be best if you call in for a reservation and not stand around waiting for a table.

Our warning for going to eat at this little piece of Italy is to wear something loose.


Can’t miss the orange sign, just hop into BSC to find yourself a bit of Italy. Photo: Roberto’s 1020 Osteria


Find them in the front of Bangsar Shopping Centre and call +6017 3948 050 for reservations.