Wednesday 15 December 2021

After some trying times, you deserve an auto upgrade! Last year, Lexus released its sleek, sporty, and sexy UX 200, the luxury compact SUV that will be right there with you for each and every urban escapade. And now that travel is back in full swing, we say it’s time to head back out into the world in style. 


Your comfort, in check 

This is the situation where you don’t have to choose between style and convenience because the UX 200 aces in both. Those therapeutic long-distance drives are about to get better—the seats are crafted with ventilation and heaters to keep the driver and front passenger cocooned in customised comfort, all drive long. 

Those in the rear seats are not left behind in terms of comfort either. The dual-zone climate control allows the backseat passengers to adjust the temperature of their side of the cabin to their heart’s desire, all without disrupting the preference of those sitting in front. Consider your travel crisis averted when neither party tinkers with the thermostat back and forth. 

That’s not all. Say sayonara to fumbling for the key fob, forever. Two features are now unlocked for the Lexus UX 200: Smart entry and hands-free kick sensor for the trunk. The latter is a godsend feature, as it will easily cut down your grocery loading and unloading trips by half. On the other hand, the smart entry feature is great for lone drivers that place emphasis on security. 

Once inside, the UX 200 Luxury variant comes with a Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) which assures a smoother drive, even for the most novice of drivers. This feature will play its pivotal role during parking or the dreaded narrow streets. The next time you head to the heritage towns like Penang, Ipoh, or Melaka, you won’t be sweating the tight parking spots nor the constricting alleys. 


Everything within your sight

Your focus on the road is the ultimate key to everyone’s safety. That’s why the UX 200 Luxury and F SPORT variations arrive with 10.3-inch displays with split screens. The display is also placed at an ideal location so you don’t have to constantly look away from the road to get the information. 

For the F SPORT model, a full-colour heads-up display (HUD) projects critical information onto the windshield, further allowing the driver to maintain their focus on the road and reduce fatigue. 

These two features allow you to take the entire drive in, all while remaining in tune with the vehicle. 


Smoothest. Drive. Ever.

The driving dynamics can make or break the entire experience. The Lexus UX 200, no matter the variant, comes with better handling and drive feeling. The Active Cornering Assist gives drivers an extra shot of confidence when driving around tight spaces—and this will prove extra useful for those heritage towns we mentioned earlier. 

The GA-C’s lower centre of gravity also lessens body roll, allowing you to step out of a long, winding drive unperturbed. Say goodbye to those post-drive massages your body used to crave after a trip and skip straight to the fun in the sun. 

Whether you’re planning to thrill-seek out of town or use the UX 200 as your daily driver, the 10-speed direct shift CVT promises excellent fuel efficiency and smooth acceleration. No on-road hiccups when you’re driving this snazzy compact crossover. 

Especially for the F SPORT variant, chassis rigidity will be a thing of the past, thanks to the front performance rod, and rear performance damper. 


As always, safety first

Of course, all the latest gizmos would not matter without the promise of keeping you out of harm’s way. For this release, Lexus includes a comprehensive safety suite to ensure top-notch safety for its passengers. 

It consists of the Pre-Collision System (PCS), the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), along with Stop and Go function that all together aid when you’re maneuvering the car in a traffic jam. 

And when the road’s all clear, and you’re gearing into a steady cruise, the Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) and Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) help to improve visibility so you’ll be right on track for a safe drive. 


The Lexus UX 200 awaits you. Showrooms are now all dressed up for Christmas to welcome you on the 18 and 19 December. Feelin’ lucky? Test drive the Lexus UX 200 this weekend to stand a chance to win exclusive Jo Malone London gift sets.