Shah Rukh Khan And Wife Gauri Are Welcoming You Home With Open Arms

A chance to stay in their New Delhi home, beautifully designed by Gauri herself.
Tuesday 24 November 2020
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri are welcoming guests into their home for Airbnb's "Home With Open Arms" campaign. Photo: Airbnb

Ever wondered what it’s like to step into a Bollywood star’s home and be in their shoes for a day? Wonder no more, for Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) and his celebrated interior designer wife Gauri have officially become Airbnb hosts by offering a once in a lifetime stay in their Delhi home. The campaign, “Home With Open Arms” is in homage to Shah Rukh’s signature pose from over 30 years of Bollywood superstardom, and will give residents of India a chance to stay in the Khan family’s home. 

Located in the leafy neighborhood of Panchsheel Park in South Delhi, the Khan’s home is exquisitely designed in Gauri’s warm, inimitable style. Though the power duo now reside in Mumbai, their Delhi home remains a special place of deep nostalgia as they raised their three children there and continue to use the property when visiting the capital city. Filled with personal keepsakes and mementos from their many travels around the world, the Khan home is a reflection of Shah Rukh and Gauri’s journey together, first as a couple, then as a family. 


The Khan home is warm and inviting. Photo: Airbnb


The Khan home is marked by bold hues, an abundance of warm, natural light from many windows and an impressive art collection. Stepping into this oasis, one will find richly textured walls, colorful tapestries, and glittering chandeliers that cast an inviting glow, with floor-to-ceiling French doors that open to an expansive garden filled with flowers of many hues.

The most telling design element, however, is a deeply personal aesthetic that captures the family’s many memories over the years. Photographs and personal souvenirs that each tell a story, line a wall in the master bedroom – their son Aryan’s first badminton racket; their daughter Suhana’s make-up brushes and butterflies she collected; their son AbRam’s first birthday gift of an exquisite silver mirror and comb; original negatives of Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite film. Another wall is adorned with the handmade cards exchanged by Shah Rukh and Gauri during their early days of courtship. It is these personal touches, more than anything, that make this house such a welcoming place to call home. 


Personal and family pictures apart from art pieces, adorn the walls of the Khan home. Photo: Airbnb


“The city of Delhi holds a special place in our hearts and will always be home for us. Each visit brings back cherished memories of our early days here and we are absolutely thrilled to partner with Airbnb to host guests in our Delhi home. Airbnb has made us feel at home throughout our travels across the world and we are excited to open the doors of our own home through this exclusive partnership,” say Gauri and Shah Rukh.

Fans have the rare opportunity to relive the nostalgia of Bollywood’s star couple by applying for a chance to win the overnight stay, which takes place on 13 February 2021. The lucky winning pair will not only stay in the home overnight, they will also experience a curated itinerary developed by Gauri, enjoy a lavish meal at home filled with the family’s favourite foods, indulge in a movie marathon of Shah Rukh’s favorite films and biggest box office hits, and receive personalised keepsakes from the family as souvenirs to take home. 


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