Sleek And Beautiful Gifts for Music Lovers

This year, treat the ears around you to the sweet sound of some good bass with these fabulous devices. 
Wednesday 2 December 2020
Just in time for Christmas, here are the best things to get your audiophile friends. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision

The end of the year is usually filled with merriment and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it’s a great time for presents. With sales all around and merriment in the air, this is the time to really get to the gift-giving, not to mention there’ll always be someone’s birthday around the corner. 

Advancements in technology mean that we no longer need to have massive hi-fi sets to bask in that surround sound, unless that’s what you’re into aesthetically. Gadgets to boost your beats and fill your house with beautiful noise are looking more and more futuristic, resembling something straight out of Blade Runner or Star Trek.

Here are some selections for the musically inclined friends of yours who loves to pump up the bass and tremble at the treble. 


Gold Phantom 


Fit for a king, the Devialet Gold Phantom is the future of sound. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


Most speakers still look like how one would expect them to. With typical black mesh or rectangular shape, the smaller Bluetooth ones escape from that slightly though they still have the little metal holes that scream speakers.  

This is where the Devialet’s masterpiece deviates from the norm. The Gold Phantom is another class of speaker – smooth and shapely, sitting on a slant with its golden accents looking like flattened wings on either side. There is power to this sleek creature, created with breathtaking precision. 


With sleek 22-carat rose gold-plated sides like wings on its side the Gold Phantom is majestic. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


Promising zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise, this marvellous machine has all the technology to deliver this perfection. With Devialet patented technology like the Analog Digital Hybrid and the Speaker Active Matching your music will come sounding exactly like it should, if not better than ever before. 

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R5 High Fidelity System 


Chic Magnifique, the R5 is adorably retro. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


If the Phantom is just that bit too modern for that friend who you know still has a record player, then this chic retro masterpiece is just the thing. Ruark Audio has created a scaled-down version of its flagship model that is just the perfect fit for countertops or desks. 

Classical beauty shouldn’t be messed with. R5 has a slim and unassuming look, the polished rich walnut exterior with all its gusto tucked inside and a delicate front grille in Camira Lead Grey to deliver the fabulous sound of morning radio or music to your ears. 


All wrapped in this tiny container, such power contained. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


The R5 can also be hooked up to all it’s siblings like the MRx and R7 Mk3 to provide you with sonorous melodies throughout the house. Although smaller than it’s brethren, the R5 can do many wonders from connecting to Spotify, playing CDs and being an alarm clock. 

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Soundbar 700 Bundle 


Fitting in seamlessly with your television, the soundbar sits. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


Everyone wants that surround sound boom you get from sitting in a cinema to really feel the movies we watch. The best way to get that perfect pitch is with the no-nonsense soundbar from Bose. 

Bose doesn’t just want you to hear the sounds, they want you to feel it just like how Jurassic park made audiences feel like that T-rex was coming into the cinema. Get swept up in the roaring of a crowd as a ball goes in the net or lose yourself in a concert like you’re actually there. 


Stunningly simple, yet beautiful in all its sound. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


It’s a stunningly simple design that fits in seamlessly with whatever your home system might be and not disrupt your viewing experience. For the best 5.1 cinematic experience, one should opt for the Bose Bass Module 700 or Bose Surround Speakers for a proper thunderous bass. 

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Momentum True Wireless II 


No wires, no hassle, just plush sound everywhere you go. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


Some like it big, others prefer small and compact, it’s all a matter of preference. Not everyone has a TV nowadays and not everyone likes to listen to music from a speaker. Earphones have come a long way since the early days, they don’t even have wires any more. 

Sennheiser has been in the business of sound for 75 years and their newest little buds are nothing to skimp at. Setting new standards for wireless earbuds, these babies pack unique 7mm dynamic audio drivers from Sennheiser that promise unrivalled stereo sound. 


Be at ease with these earbuds, take them anywhere without any bulk. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


Tiny but powerful, the Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds will cancel noise for you to listen to up to seven hours of uninterrupted high fidelity sound anywhere at any time. The best gift for the friends you have that are always on the go or can never be without music. 

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Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones


The best you can get to isolate your music to just your ears. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


The in-between for those who like their noise contained but still want to feel like they’re swathed in sound, are these wonderful headphones from Bose. Anyone who is anybody is talking about these headphones, CNET voted them best Noise Cancelling Headphones for WFH (2020). 

With 11 levels of noise cancelling, 20 hours of battery life and an unrivalled adaptive microphone system it’s difficult not to be blown away. Nothing will get between you and the gorgeous sound that filters through these headphones. 


It doesn’t just come in one colour. Photo: Atlas Sound & Vision


You’ll never have to worry about your boss hearing the ruckus the cafe makes when he calls you up on your break with the revolutionary microphone system that has game-changing voice pickup engineered to ensure your every word is heard. Not to mention that they’re comfy as anything with their plush protein leather ear cushions designed for long listening. 

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For more information on each gift, hop on over to Atlas Experience to find out which sound best suits you and your loved ones, we all deserve something nice this year.