Tuesday 14 April 2020
Dare to wander around at night? Photo: The Jakarta Post

The current pandemic has brought the world to a halt, as we spend our days at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, some people are choosing to be ignorant as they continue to violate the lockdown laws. So some members of the public are using supernatural forces and scare tactics to help keep people at home during COVID-19.

Indonesia’s pocong duo 


Volunteers from Kepuh village in Central Java’s Sukoharjo regency, are dressing up as a pocong. Wrapped in white sheets, these ghosts are patrolling the neighborhood to help keep people at home during COVID-19.

According to The Jakarta Post, “The pocong is not to scare residents; instead, we want to educate residents on the fact that coronavirus causes death. It is a shock therapy, as people usually (pay more attention) to anything related to death,” said Anjar Panca, the keeper of the village’s Al Himmah mosque.

The volunteers are guarding the entrance gate daily, from 8pm to midnight, while carrying out ID checks on every guest coming into the village. The play on the local folklore and supernatural force seems to be doing the trick, as Anjar added that no residents were seen going out at night. “Apparently, they’re scared of the fake ghost,” he claimed.

Terengganu’s lone ranger keeping people home during COVID-19

Similar to Indonesia’s pocong duo, Terengganu’s very own COVID-19 ghost has taken the law into his own hands. Muhammad Urabil Alias posted the photos of himself standing on top of a van, to scare youngsters at Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai for their refusal to adhere to the MCO laws.

“Despite the order, there were still many who came out at night so I decided to post the photos on Facebook,” the 38-year-old told Harian Metro. Urabil added that his supernatural stunt actually worked, as the number of people who came out at night had reduced after he posted the pictures, which were taken by his wife.

India’s corona cop and his unusual scare tactic

Chennai’s traffic police, Rajesh Babu, has literally opted for an out-of-this-world approach to keep people home during the COVID-19 pandemic. His scare tactic of a coronavirus-inspired helmet which would fit perfectly in a set for Men in Black, has helped him to convince the public to remain indoors following the country’s nationwide lockdown.


Similarly, police in the central city of Hyderabad have also started handing out spike-ball helmets to their traffic cops in an effort to raise awareness. They also staged a parade to show off the helmets, with officers donning the costumes on motorcycles and horsebacks.

Source: The Malay Mail, Global News, The Jakarta Post