covid-19 vaccine

Siti Sarah Raissuddin, Another Life Lost to COVID-19

Her demise a substantial loss for local entertainment industry

2 years ago

The Pfizer Vaccine… and 28 days later

Between Illuminati conspiracy theories and the Age of (too much) Information, our Man in London tells us what it’s really…

3 years ago

Etihad Amongst the First Airlines with Fully Vaccinated Crew

With Singapore Airlines right behind them.

3 years ago

Britain Approves A COVID-19 Vaccine

They could start administering vaccines as early as the second week of December.

3 years ago

US Will Begin COVID-19 Vaccinations In Early December

First the US and then the rest of the world.

3 years ago

Moderna Says This COVID-19 Vaccine Is 95% Effective

We are this close to finding a vaccine for COVID-19.

3 years ago

Logistical Challenges For COVID-19 Vaccines

Transportation, freezers and distribution factors all hinder the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

3 years ago