Cruise Control in Post-Pandemic Travel

A go-to guide on post-pandemic travel, as told by a former disgruntled passenger who has been through it all

7 months ago

A Minor Concern: What is Happening with Covid-19 Vaccinations for those Under 18?

Ministries across the region adopt different techniques to reopen schools

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The Rise of Private Jets

From leisure to necessity, do private jets play a significant role in the aviation industry’s plan towards lessening their carbon…

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Siti Sarah Raissuddin, Another Life Lost to COVID-19

Her demise a substantial loss for local entertainment industry

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What Lies Next For The Future Of The Malayan Tiger

COVID-19 and the Malayan tiger and why we need to adapt or risk the Malayan tiger going extinct.

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The Pfizer Vaccine… and 28 days later

Between Illuminati conspiracy theories and the Age of (too much) Information, our Man in London tells us what it’s really…

2 years ago

How COVID-19 Could Change Restaurant Designs and Practises

Creative steps to ensure public safety.

2 years ago

Wealth For Health: The Biggest Billionaires Giving Generously During COVID-19

The world’s most notable names and companies donate big bucks in light of the current pandemic.

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These Masks Allow You To Exercise and Keep Safe From COVID-19

Trying to stay safe and get your exercise in has been a difficult hurdle to tackle, but not anymore.

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