7 Days: COVID-19, WHO, Nissan, Renewable Energy, Football, Oscars

Here are the news highlights from the past #7days.   18/5/20 - 22/5/20   1. WHO records highest daily number…

3 years ago

Learn How Durians Can Help to Power Your iPhone

The king of fruits charges better than it smells.

4 years ago

Here’s Why the Palu Tsunami Was So Devastating

A look at the science and contributing factors to one of the deadliest tsunamis in recent history.

5 years ago

Plastic-Eating Enzymes Are Cool, but There’s a Catch

Scientists have engineered an enzyme that degrades plastic even faster than a natural enzyme first discovered in 2016, but there…

5 years ago

Fivelements, Bali Offers a Spiritual Spa Experience

An intuitive healing treatment that engages the help of the higher divine source.

6 years ago