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Earth Heir—Turning a Big Issue into Purposeful Change

Positive impact begins at home for founder Sasibai Kimis

2 years ago

Nespresso’s #MadeWithCare Campaign Reveals How Care Can Affect Meaningful Changes

From how your coffee tastes to how it will impact the communities and the environment.

2 years ago

George Clooney Criticised for Firing a “Warning Shot” at Malaysia

Critics and regional LGBT+ activists are up in arms over the Oscar-winning actor’s comment.

4 years ago

5 Powerful Men Who Are Defying Ageing

Like wine, cheese and denim, some men only get better with age. Here are the top five men who have…

5 years ago

Trophy Wife 2.0: She’s More Than Just A Pretty Face

A generation of intelligent, independent and stylish women is rising, and they are redefining marriage on their own terms.

5 years ago