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Discover the Biodiverse World of Langkawi with a Passionate Conservationist

Meet Dev, Lord of the Jungle, as he shows us the sheer beauty and importance of this ancient rainforest.

4 months ago

The Healing Power of Forest Bathing in Langkawi

Discover the Malay Wellness Journey at The Datai Langkawi

5 months ago

Fine-dining in Langkawi: From Farm To Table in 6 Hours

Chef Chai and Deborah Henry cook up a feast for Enrich members in Langkawi

5 months ago

Did Deborah Henry Make a Hole-in-One at The Els Club in Langkawi?

Enrich by Malaysia Airlines takes six loyal members for a round of golf during the recent Enrich Luxe Retreats experience.…

5 months ago

Rediscovering Langkawi in Style

Enrich by Malaysia Airlines rewards six platinum members with another specially curated Enrich Luxe Retreats experience

6 months ago

How Flag Carriers in the Region are Navigating Turbulence

Their turnaround plans, cost-cutting and better-operating strategies.

4 years ago

Your Next Flight With Malaysia Airlines Could Cost a Lot Less

The national carrier is taking 40% off selected flights.

5 years ago

UPDATED: We Still Don’t Know What Happened to MH370 & Civil Aviation Head Resigns

The results of a recently released 495 page report are inconclusive.

5 years ago

MH17 Downed by Russian Missile

Investigators say that the missile that shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 belonged to the Russian military.

5 years ago