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10 Spooktacular Movies and Shows to Watch

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Art Exhibitions in Asia to Visit this October

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High-Tech Face Masks Are A Trend During These Pandemic Times

Everyone wants to be fully protected.

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Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee Dies

He was South Korea's richest and most powerful industrialist.

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7 Days: Trump, COVID-19, South Korea, NASA, China, Kobe Bryant

Here are the news highlights for the past 7 days:   25/5/2020 - 29/5/2020   1. Trump threatens to 'close…

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COVID-19 Tracking Apps Raising Privacy Concerns

Battle of privacy vs the need for data.

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Former K-pop Stars Received Reduced Jail Terms for Sex Crimes

What does this mean for the controversial industry?

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Trump Secretly Asked for Help in Fight Against COVID-19

Anyone willing to lend a hand or a face mask?

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2019’s Sex Scandals and Suicides in K-pop

How many more deaths will the K-pop industry face before preventative measures are taken?

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Explore Korea’s Unique K-wave

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