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Living In A Material World

Forget the Silk Road, consider this your new proposition to Tenun Pahang Diraja. Inspired by old Malaya’s romanticism, heritage checks and rich tapestries go tête-à-tête with dramatic pleats for an ultra-glam reprisal of Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. Check out these exciting outfits from our style shoot.

1. Back to Black

Liven up a monochromatic sarong with chequered prints and a splash of silver.

On Debbie: handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja sarong in black and white checks adorned with rosette embroidery in any pink and blue matte threads.

2. Prints Charming

Channel your inner Prince and wear tenun as a sash instead of a samping (men’s formal sarong).

On Hazeeq: Handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja samping, worn as a sash, in sea green with flower buds and shoots embroidery in gold thread.

3. Lady of the Manor

Think Halston-meets-Cleopatra and drape bold fabrics into an asymmetrical gown.

On Natasha: dress, handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja in dark teal embroidered with cross motif in gold thread.

4. In a Cinch

Style up a traditional baju melayu with a sarong disguised as an obi belt.

On Hazeeq: samping (worn as a obi belt), handwoven weft ikat Tenun Pahang Diraja in moss green with betel leaf embroidery in gold thread. On Natasha: shawl, handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja in dark pink with gooseberry embroidery in gold thread.

5. Wrap Stars

Let Tenun Pahang Diraja steal the show and transform yards of silk into a column dress.

On Natasha: dress, handwoven ikat Tenun Pahang Diraja in moss green with betel leaf embroidery in gold thread. On Hazeeq: shirting fabric (worn as a shawl), Tenun Pahang Diraja in green gradation with vertical stripes. On Debbie: loose fabric (worn as dress), Tenun Pahang Diraja with vertical stripes in aqua and marquise diamond embroidery in gold thread.

6. Head Turner

Give modest headscarves an urban update with J.Lo-inspired hoop earrings.

On Debbie: shawl (worn as headscarf), handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja in orange and red stripes ikat with gold embroidery. On Natasha: shawl (worn as headscarf), handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja in powder pink and white stripes with dark pink embroidery.

7. Power Clash

Accessorise pretty pastels with maximalist prints for a playful remix of traditional sarongs.

From left to right, on Natasha: sarong, handwoven Tenun Pahang Diraja in baby pink and lavender stripes and bag. On Hazeeq: sarong, handwoven chevron warp ikat Tenun Pahang Diraja with Spanish cherry flower embroidery in gold thread. On Debbie: sarong, Tenun Pahang Diraja fabric in sky blue with Spanish cherry flower embroidery in white cotton threads and bag.

8. Flight of Fancy

Turn extravagant fabrics into a theatrical top for a unique take on eveningwear.

On Debbie: sarong (worn as bustier), Tenun Pahang Diraja in tangerine with vertical stripes and marquise diamond embroidery in gold threads.


Photographer: Kim Mun (Hopscotch Photography)

Stylist: Amy Yasmine

Producer: MANA

Models: Debbie H (TopBoi Citizen), Natasha Noor and Hazeeq Dean (The Models Lab KL)

Hairstylist: Mellyssa Hashim

Makeup artist: Wanilavirana Enterprise

Venue: Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

Wardrobe: Cheminahsayang

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