The Best Cities In The World To Work Freelance

Why you should freelance in one of these cities on the list.
Thursday 20 August 2020
These days, it's easy to work from anywhere in the world if you have the resources. Photo: Unsplash

Although the global job landscape has been disturbed after months of lockdown, the coronavirus pandemic has knocked the door down for more freelance work for professionals of all generations. As a growing number of companies are embracing teleworking as the new norm, a recent study by Carphone Warehouse reveals which cities in the world are the most freelance-friendly.

Researchers have analysed ten different metrics to classify the 30 cities that offer the best quality of life for freelance workers. Among them are employment rate, monthly income, rent, public transportation, healthcare, the number of co-working spaces, and internet speeds.

The top city for professionals seeking a portfolio career is Austin, Texas, which ranks high on parameters like employment rate, monthly salary and the overall quality of life.


Austin, Texas ranks high on employment rate, monthly salary and the overall quality of life.  Photo: Unsplash


Chiang Mai, Berlin, and Barcelona are also among the most freelance-friendly cities in the world, all of them performing well when it comes to employment rate, internet speeds and the overall quality of life.

Cities in emerging economies like Bangladesh, Kenya, and Egypt consistently rank low on various parameters, including internet speeds as well as leisure activities and quality of life.

However, Cairo ranks the third cheapest city to live for freelancers in terms of monthly rent, coming after Lahore in Pakistan and Dhaka in Bangladesh. More surprisingly, the Indian capital has the highest number of co-working spaces (714) among the cities in the list.

Delhi is followed by London in England and Hong Kong, where freelancers can pick their new office corner out of 509 and 422 co-working spaces, respectively.

While Melbourne, Amsterdam, Toulouse and Montréal score healthily for quality of life, Austin boasts an impressive performance scoring top marks for both leisure activities and quality of life.


Berlin, Germany is third on the list for being freelance-friendly. Photo: Unsplash


Check out the ten most freelance-friendly cities in the world:

1 – Austin, United States

2 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

3 – Berlin, Germany

4 – Barcelona, Spain

5 – Melbourne, Australia

6 – Toulouse, France

7 – Montréal, Canada

8 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

9 – Medellín, Colombia

10 – Oslo, Norway

If you can work from anywhere in the world, why not choose one of the 10 best cities? Photo: Unsplash

Source: AFP Relax News