Wednesday 4 March 2020
Explore Hermès' extensive range of lipsticks. Photo: Hermès

Hermès is no stranger in the luxury scene – but they might be when it comes to the luxury beauty scene. Primarily known for its leather goods, the French brand is stepping out of its comfort zone with the development and release of an in-house beauty line.

They are starting with a range of lipsticks that is as luxurious and sensual as their leather goods.

la-beaute-hermes-joaquin-laguinge. - herms
Photo: Hermès

Housed in an artisanal lacquered tube designed by Hermès’ jewellery and footwear Creative Director Pierre Hardy, the Rouge Hermès lipstick collection comes in 24 colours: 10 matte and 14 satin finishes. They range from beige to orange, which are inspired by its historic roots in Fauborg Saint-Honoré, Paris. The lipsticks promise a comfortable wear even with the high concentration of pigmentation and bold colours.

Supplementing the collection are additional lip products including a balm, lip shine, universal lip pencil and lip brush. Looking forward, Hermès Beauty plans to unveil new products every six months and introduce a biannual collection of limited-edition lip colours.

la-beaute-hermes-sasha-marro-6. - herms
Photo: Hermès

The collection drops on 4 March 2020 in in selected Hermès stores and retail outlets in 35 countries – Malaysia included.

And the price? US$67 per lipstick. Unsurprisingly upmarket, but you know you would be getting a stamp of approval from one of the most renowned luxury houses in the world.