The New Mercedes GLA: Convenient and Comfortable

This sleek new ride is an entry-level model for the popular Mercedes-Benz SUV range.
Friday 18 December 2020

Smooth uninterrupted lines that glide over a sumptuous body, this newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz SUV range just oozes sophistication. Hiding under the unassuming grey or white exterior is a powerful machine that ensures a smooth drive.

Almost a year on and this particular GLA has finally landed on our sunny shores, in both it’s variations. With coupe-like windows and the shortest stature out of the Mercedes-Benz cars, it’s the kind of car that would suit a city dweller well.

Not just that but if you’re savvy and quick enough, you can get this fine model at a sweet deal because after 31 January they will cost you around RM8,000 to RM10,000 more. Grabbing this model early means you can benefit from a 50% reduction in the sales and services tax (SST).

This SUV comes in two variants, the GLA 200 Progressive line and the GLA 250 AMG line. For the fast and the furious, the AMG Line allows an acceleration of 0 to 100kmh in just 6.9 seconds, with the Progressive Line a bit slower at 8.7 seconds.


While both models have similar looks the GLA 250 is equipped with the AMG Line bodystyling and has lowered, dynamically tuned suspension giving the car a bolder sporty look. Compared to the 200, the 250 also has a jutted out front spoiler and a trapezoidal grille with chrome pins that give it a bit more grit.

Of course, these babies are packed with all the wonderful goodies from Mercedes-Benz to not only make your ride fast but also safe and comfortable. Like the other SUV’s the GLA’s are both outfitted with the MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) which lets you talk to your Mercedes like she lives.

The inside of the car has ample space without the car seeming huge and the extra rear windows allow for a more spacious feeling. Not to mention the car also has new Blind Spot technology that will tell you if there is anything coming before you decide to step out of your car.

Another deal you can get for the GLA is under the EaseProtect Financing Plan. This plan starts from RM2,488 per month for the GLA 200 and RM2,888 per month for the GLA 250. Now for a limited time only, enjoy a two months payment holiday with this offer. Maybe a GLA should be on the Christmas list for those who have been very very good this year.