'The Paranormal Zone's Phng Li Kim Tells Us What She Finds Horrifying

Host of supernatural 'The Paranormal Zone', Phng Li Kim proves she's a woman of surprises.
Wednesday 31 October 2018
A woman of many talents: Phng Li Kim. Photo: Aaron Chin/Awesome Studios

At first glance, you wouldn’t have guessed that Li Kim has a fascination for the supernatural. She started out in her family’s latex glove factory business, where she became the Director of Operations and Administration. Later, she became CEO of Kechara Media and Publications, an international publishing firm. Always one to try out something new, Li Kim stepped into the broadcasting industry, and soon found her niche as the host of The Paranormal Zone (TPZ), a reality-based documentary series. TPZ ran from 2012 and the fourth season is still available on Astro.

What are the best things about you? This is like asking to blow hot air up my own arse… haha. Let me see, I would say that one of the best things about me is that I can make people laugh. Not that I am a clown or comedian but that I have a sense of humour which I honestly feel is a very important quality to have in life.

What are the worst things about you? I am becoming less tolerant with age. Impatient.

Horror or Romance? Definitely Romance because it is horrifying.

Favourite exercise routine? Sitting at home watching K-Drama.

Can you cook and if so, what is your speciality? Cooking is an art I cannot do.

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Moments to cherish always. #family #love #laughter #happiness

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What is the biggest misconception you have heard about yourself? That I am an unfit mother. Because I am divorced and with three sons, some have taken the liberty to speak unkindly of me. I have come to terms that I cannot stop what others choose to misconceive and talk, I can only do my best to raise my sons in the manner I see fit, to become kind, compassionate and smart men.

What inspires you in life? Disappointment.

What is your current state of mind? Undefined.

What does ageing mean to you? A time in my life to see my doctors for physical health and fitness AND aesthetic repair and maintenance!

When is it okay to lie? When the truth is only to make yourself feel better, and of no consequence or value to another.

Vampires or Zombies? Vampires!

What is your most overused phrase or word? WTF.

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Ghostly canvas. How real is the depiction? #TheParanormalZone #Syfy #Jakarta

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What has been your greatest achievement in life? Taking The Paranormal Zone regional in SEA with NBC Universal’s Syfy channel.

What makes you happiest? My children’s achievements in academics, sports, and most of all, personal development.

Who or what philosophy has been your biggest influence? The one certainty in life is uncertainty OR everything is impermanent.

Are you a morning or night person? Definitely night. I do not possess humanly behaviour in the mornings.

Tropical or four seasons? Tropical for keeping my skin nice, four seasons for fashion diversity. I want it all!

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