The Standard Chartered Link Between Balbir Singh and His Son Prem

For Prem, Standard Chartered is more than just a workplace.
Thursday 1 November 2018

As the son of Balbir Singh, the face of the “Big, Strong and Friendly” advertisement campaign for Standard Chartered in the 80s, Prem has always seen his father as someone to look up to. After working a few odd jobs, his father asked him to join Standard Chartered. He did so dutifully and hasn’t looked back since.

During his childhood days, Prem remembers when Balbir used to bring him to work and looks back on those days with fondness. Now, Prem is the second generation of his family to work at Standard Chartered, and he does so with the same sense of pride his father did. It’s common for colleagues to call Prem “Big, Strong and Friendly Jr” – a testament to his father’s place at the bank and also in recognition that he follows in his footsteps.

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