The Way You Travel is Going to Change From Now On

Would you fly standing up, sail with 6,000 people on a boat, or go on holiday in space?
Tuesday 17 April 2018
Skyrider 2.0 seats are like saddles. Photo: Aviointeriors

Just when you thought the economy cabin couldn’t get any more crowded (or uncomfortable), Italian aircraft seat manufacturer Aviointeriors has introduced a seating design that it says will allow passengers to stretch out during short haul flights.

The catch is that you’re essentially standing in the saddle seat – not quite what we had in mind when we asked for more leg room. The SkyRider 2.0 design also aims minimise space between rows on the plane and allow more people to be squeezed onto the plane. So far, no airline has bought the seats.

Just last week, Singapore Airlines announced that it will use the CL3710 long-haul seats from Recaro Aircraft Seating, which is slimmer and is meant to accommodate more rows of passengers. But at least you’ll be seated the traditional way.

Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship there has ever been, went out on its maiden voyage around the Mediterranean on 7 April.

The Royal Caribbean’s newest ship makes a huge statement not only for its sheer size, but for its facilities. The 362-metre-long colossus has 2,759 cabins, 22 restaurants, 24 pools, and 18 decks, among other amenities. By comparison, the length of the Titanic was a miniscule 269.1m.

At full capacity, the Symphony accommodates 6,680 guests and up to 2,200 crew members. It also has the tallest waterslide on any cruise ship at 45m above sea level, as well as the fastest internet connection at sea. The ship is so vast that it’s separated into seven ‘neighbourhoods.’ At this point, it’s only missing a unique economy and government.

New York, New York. Of course, the Big Apple topped ECA International’s most expensive cities for business travel this year. The locations in the top 10 after New York are Geneva (Switzerland), Zurich (Switzerland), Luanda (Angola), Bridgetown (Barbados), Paris (France), Nassau (Bahamas), Washington DC (USA), Basel (Switzerland), and Monaco.

ECA ranks these cities according to the average cost for 4-star hotels, food and drinks, transport and other travel essentials. Be sure to do plenty of research before your trip to avoid surprises when you ask for the cheque.

new-york-city - standing
New York City is the most expensive city for business travel in 2018. Photo: iStock

For a cool US$9.5 million, you could soon enjoy unparalleled views of the Earth from a luxury hotel in space. The Aurora Station was announced as the world’s first luxury space hotel recently and there are plans for a launch in 2022 – that’s not far off!

The hotel hosts up to six people at a time, including two crew members, so you could have a family of four floating in zero gravity for 12 mind-blowing days. You just need to complete a three-month astronaut crash course to prepare you for the trip. Orion Span is accepting deposits of US$80,000 for those interested. Earlier this month, the company said that the first four months of reservations have been snapped up.

It’s obviously too soon for any hotel reviews, but it’s safe to say that it will be out of this world.

aurora-station - standing
An artist’s rendition of Aurora Station. Photo: Orion Span

Source: CNN-Wire

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