There Are Only 20 MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition Cars In Malaysia

Our summer plans: cross-country driving with the top down. 
Monday 27 July 2020
An ode to the 2007 edition, there are only 20 MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition units in Malaysia. Photo: MINI Malaysia

MINI releases a new limited edition version of the MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition as an ode to the original 2007 edition seen in the first generation of the MINI Convertible range. MINI calls the new variant, “sassy and spontaneous”, and will be made available with only 20 units in Malaysia. 


The sassy and spontaneous MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition. Photo: MINI Malaysia


A nod to the rich heritage to the MINI marque, the new convertible comes in a striking metallic Deep Laguna paintwork, a kind of deep blue metallic reminiscent of azure summer skies and is complemented with reflective geometric patterns embellishing the iconic MINI bonnet stripes.


Deep Laguna paintwork stands out on the street. Photo: MINI Malaysia


Perhaps the most striking feature of the new model is the open-roof top, powered by an electrical function that allows the driver to pick from three different settings; fully down, fully up, or halfway in-between that can be accessed in a speedy and silent feature that lets you fold the hood up or down in 18 seconds flat, even at speeds of 30 km/hour, a useful function when facing the unpredictable tropical climate. 


The MINI Convertible Sidewalk Edition is perfect for weekend zooming with the top down. Photo: MINI Malaysia


Under the bonnet, the convertible houses a powerful two-litre four-cylinder MINI TwinPower Turbo engine technology with a maximum speed of 230 km/hour. The vehicle takes up only about 5.7 litres of fuel per 100km, making it the perfect accompaniment for a cross-country trip. 

The Sidewalk Edition interior features the exclusive MINI Yours Leather Lounge Sidewalk seats in anthracite, combined with contrasting seams in Petrol and Energetic Yellow. Photo: MINI Malaysia